Gene-ology: Police Academy

Gene-ology returns to the fifties – and Mr. District Attorney – yet again, and enrolls in “Police Academy”, Gene’s third script for the show.

Guest starring John Krikorian as Paul Garrett and Dan Davidson as Capt. MacPherson.

Mission Log will continue its regular programming when the SAG strike has been settled. In the meantime, we will bring you special programming and encourage you to explore our complete show library at

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  1. Cindy Hill says:

    Unfortunately most of the people I knew who could answer this question are now passed on. However, my husband said the phrase “sack you back to a tank” triggered a memory. He said that military people who worked out of the line of fire could be threatened, if they performed poorly at their jobs, with being sent back to the front lines if they didn’t shape up. Thus the saying, “sack you back to a tank” could be referring to being sent to tank duty at the front lines for doing a bad job.

    This is only speculation, mind you. Try as I did, I couldn’t find a reference to it either, Norman.