Leonard Nimoy


Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek fans are heartbroken with the loss of Leonard Nimoy. We’ll share our own thoughts on the legacy of Spock and share some of the comments we’ve received from Mission Log listeners as well as our chat with Rod Roddenberry. Live long and prosper…

[photo restoration by Kipp Teague]

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  1. Will Wright says:

    The only Trek film ever to be released with director’s commentary back in the day before the DVD – It was perhaps the best directed film of the series, and based upon the box office number’s – the most liked. It was great to see Nimoy host this behind the scenes documentary.

  2. Jerry Stokes says:

    When Leonard Nimoy died. Three of my brothers called me. One was named James. I said, “What can you say. He’s dead, Jim.” I didn’t meen to sound funny. But, as I said. What can you say?

  3. Dave Steph Taylor says:

    Thank you for covering this with respect and fondness. I appreciate that you talked about more than just Mr. Nimoy being Spock.

    The only other celebrity death that hit me just as hard was the passing of Robin Williams. His was tough because it was so sad.