Sacred Ground

Kes is badly hurt while visiting an alien world which forces Janeway on a spiritual quest in order to save her life. More reasons not to stray from the guided tour when Mission Log visits Sacred Ground.

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  1. Ryan Peterson says:

    Great episode guys. Allow me to give an alternate take on the “even when her science fails her” line.

    As a man of faith who also loves science (also, coincidentally, of the same faith as Keene Curtis and born in the same state as him and Parley Baer) my take on that line isn’t that they’re saying anything against science at all. Just pointing out that, even in a scientific approach, there is still a certain level of faith that must be maintained. When you take into account the most famous conclusion of René Descartes, we can’t even be certain that we ourselves exist as we perceive ourselves to be. So we take certain fundamental elements, make them our a priori assumptions, place our faith there, and build outward.

    But even so, there are times when faith must be put in something we hadn’t planned on. If Janeway had insisted on knowing everything first, Kes would have died. The fact that things could be explained scientifically afterward doesn’t negate the fact that she still had to take a leap of faith at the time.

    Still, this episode illustrates what I find the best in Star Trek. It forces a conversation about real topics without feeling the need to answer our questions. Because it is the conversation that brings about growth.