One of Our Planets is Missing


Saturday Morning Number Two

Grab your cereal bowl and your favorite action figure. This week, Ken and John tackle “One of Our Planets is Missing” and “The Lorelei Signal” from Star Trek: The Animated Series.

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    • Lauralee von Husen Albert says:

      Well that totally makes sense, I found TAS extremely difficult to get through, unlike the TOS I wanted to binge watch all of them, but I just didn’t look forward TAS episodes, they couldn’t hold my attention, the animation was very primitive and yes, the voices did seemed disconnected with the action. I did like seeing new Star Trek that I had never seen before and I did find the story lines compelling, but it was hard to get through 🙂

  1. THX-1138 says:

    I remember with fondness discovering as a kid that there were animated Star Trek episodes being aired every Saturday morning, since I was completely bananas for Trek and had even by that time seen every TOS episode at least a half dozen times. From a complete void of any new Trek there came this quite intelligent kiddie cartoon that was heads and shoulders above the standard Saturday morning fare. I know that TAS is derided by Trek fans who want to compare it to all of the live action versions they have at their disposal, but in the 70’s for a Trek fan, this was a gold mine. “One of Our Planets,” has a lot of hard science fiction concepts, and I think it was amazing that it was even aired. Love TAS!

    • Agreed. I think it’s an unfortunate knee-jerk reaction that we all tend to “compare” series to series rather than just take it for what it is. The Animated Series is Star Trek, just in a very different format. The stories are great (even if the production values are very much product of their time). Glad you’ve enjoyed rediscovering it as much as we have.

  2. I’ve finally gotten this far!

    Two comments, just my own musing – were these episodes written up in book form? Because I’m *sure* I’ve never seen these episodes before, but the stories have so far been completely familiar.

    And – your discussion of Lorelei signal (but not the episode itself) made me think of the Pogues song – – “River river river have mercy, take me down to the sea, for if I perish on these rocks my love no more I’ll see….”

  3. KatieN says:

    I LOVED “The Lorelei Signal” – it was such a palate cleanser to see an awesome women-power episode.

    I’ve never seen TAS but I’m surprised to say that I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s always impressive when a cartoon can be entertaining for both children and adults. Also, these are fast paced which I like.