Bob Orci


Star Trek Into Bob Orci

Today, John and Ken take an extensive look at Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, the fandom and the work of screenwriter Bob Orci.

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  1. JusenkyoGuide says:

    Just made it through this sup… AWESOME! Thanks!

    I know we’re 10+ years from Into Darkness, but I will say… it ain’t that bad. I disagree with Khan… but the movie had me, it really did and hearing Bob’s take on it… I get the choices better now.

    • regeekery - JD says:

      I like STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, it grabbed me too and it didn’t let go. It doesn’t have the repeat rewatch value that TREK 2009 does but it’s a very worthy follow up. Love hearing the viewpoint of one of its’ writers.

    • Hey berto says:

      My opinion stands.. there is a good movie in there, but the misuse of Khan, and the blatant fan service ruins it. This episode remains one of my favorite episodes, and I respect Bob for taking this criticism head on. It helped to understand what the intention was. In the end, I think they shoehorned Khan in because they just wanted to use him that badly.

      • He was an awesome sport about it. Still so grateful that he did that much of a deep discussion with us.

        • Hey berto says:

          And kudos to you and Ken John.. you asked though, but fair questions, but certainly respectful toward him. Made for an awesome podcast.