The Big Goodbye


The Big Goodbye

Captain Picard has some time to kill, but there is trouble. A malfunction may turn his trip to the holodeck from some time to kill, to kill or be killed. Will he escape in time to impress the insect people? Find out when we put The Big Goodbye in the Mission Log.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    DVD trivia: This episode was the 1st presented in this collection

  2. nathankc says:

    Jumping the timeline – For the toy collectors:

  3. deaddropsd says:

    hahaha- podcast “They probably enjoyed a game of Fizz-Binn”. Just rewatched, and again, although novel, I feel the holodeck malfunction episodes were their own genre of TNG episode!! Data, Worf, discovery of unlikely crystal/machine lifeform episodes were SOOOOOoo common, and so were holodeck malfunction episodes. , oh well. Fun costumes but I always thought it odd Picard happened to be interested in a time period that was parodied in TOS “A Piece of the Action”. Would have been cooler if Picard were interested in something very far removed from the American experience….amazing set pieces and costumes

  4. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    An improvement over Torme’s previous episode Haven. And it was still refreshing to have a malfunctioning holodeck episode, though the idea of disintergrating everything – and everyone! – within the holodeck if you shut it down prematurely kind of makes me wanna go I’M NEVER USING THE HOLODECK EVER EVER NOT EVEN STEPPING INTO IT NO SIREEBOB!!!

  5. Youssef Hassanien says:

    I’ve noticed something that you might find interesting, it wasn’t on the podcast nor on your website. I’m a huge old time radio buff, especially noir detective drama. One of the biggest shows in that genre was Dragnet and every episode title of Dragnet starts with “The Big..” and I think the title “The Big Goodbye” is a nod to that. Cheers!

  6. Armen Nakashian says:

    Just wanted to say that there is an explanation for how Picard could leave the holodeck with the lipstick mark on his face, but the gangsters could not; The holodeck might be smart enough to replicate permanent matter for simple things like food or souvenirs to remember your adventure by, while using cheaper temporary matter for the fast moving, complex actor elements of the adventure.

  7. KatieN says:

    I don’t think anyone here, including you, Jon and Ken, and me, has any credibility in judging Picard for taking a make believe world too seriously.

    It’s just not fun unless you go way too deep!

    see: this entire project
    see also: me last weekend, sobbing hysterically during Spock’s death scene