The Cage

Is there anything better than sitting in a cave and watching TV? If it means giving up a large portion of your freedom, then according to Captain Christopher Pike of the starship Enterprise, you’re damn right there is! Re-live Star Trek’s mysterious, never-aired first pilot, “The Cage.” Learn about who was No. 1 before No. 1? Find out where the show really began plus more on the premier of Mission Log!

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  1. Will Wright says:

    If you would like to know how Star Trek: The Cage came about
    – this is the best website on the net for exactly the story
    of how it all began: StarTrekHistory.com- click link in red

  2. Coupon: The Movie says:

    Who was really in the cage in the end? Pike or the Talosians?

  3. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    As a late arrival to the wonder of podcasts and a lifelong Trekkie, I have now discovered your website and your archive, and so far am loving what I’m hearing. Consider yourselves warned: I will compliment 🙂

  4. Canadian liberal says:

    I left you a message on FB but not sure you will bother reading it now, since I (and my girlfriend who is discovering TOS for the first time) have JUST STARTED podcasting (out of order). I figure this would be very entertaining but haven’t figured out how to download to my Android phone yet.

    • Hello! I didn’t see the FB post yet, but we sometimes get to everything way out of order too 😉
      SO glad to hear you found us! You can download episodes from iTunes, from the Google Play (https://play.google.com/music/listen#/ps/Impbtueqv7utku7niauguryptgq) or just by grabbing our feed directly from our publisher, http://missionlog.libsyn.com

      • Canadian liberal says:

        I have an Android so ITunes is out, and you do not seem to be on Google Play, and when I click download on your site, it opens up a tab and plays the podcast. Not what I want.
        Sometimes I feel so old. (But I am NOT so old as to have been able to see first-run TOS! I JUST found out this month that we got it BEFORE you!!! http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Trek:_The_Original_Series)

        I would like to listen on my walks (although apparently I am advised NOT to do so while I cycle). Can a techie walk me through a download? I know it’s probably one small step I am missing.

        • We are on Google Play (just looked yesterday), but your other option is to right-click (PC) on the download button to bring the file into your computer. Hope that helps!

          • Canadian liberal says:

            I VERY much appreciate you trying but that is EXACTLY what I did and it only opened up a different tab on my browser and started playing/streaming. I ave had this problem before but cannot remember how to solve it.
            If you are indeed on Google. maybe I looked you up wrong? What is the exact name of the series/podcast please?

          • If you go to play.google.com and search for “Mission Log” we are listed among the podcasts there (first result).

          • Canadian liberal says:

            I am unable to view any such podcast. The closest I come is Mission something which is an organizer. I DID find Podcast Player but not your podcasts.

          • Canadian liberal says:

            OK I had to do a workaround but I THINK I found it and I started downloading some podcasts. I’ll know tomorrow.
            (I doubt it came up but Robert Sawyer is aware I hosted Trek Trivia Starring Lou Israel, after I was banned from trivia contest for knowing too much. It turned into the game show I hosted for over a decade. Mostly trivia but also some fun trick questions. I also headed the Klingon Komedy Korps where I wrote Trek songs (a dozen at least check) and did sketches with a troupe that people seemed to enjoy. Just to give you some background.)
            My standup now does NOT include Trek, but you can check it out on my fan page if you wish.

  5. Canadian liberal says:

    Yay! As Canada’s Classic Trekspert, I am pleased to share my knowledge and contrubute wherever possible.
    First bit of trivia:
    You guys seemed to have difficulty remembering the name of PIke’s horse. (I was quite amused actually.)
    The horse’s name was Tango.
    No idea of the significance.
    (I wonder if either of you actually read comments from past episodes?)


  6. Manny Martines says:

    Just found M.Log. I discovered TOS when Corbomite first aired. Impressive podcasts (even by Federation standards).

  7. Manny Martines says:

    A curious take on slavery. Most Americans then and now know how slavery was a thriving enterprise here in the “land of the free”, before it was abolished here. Racial tensions persist like a form of PTSD since the Civil War. Thus, we all silently cheer with pride when Pike’s crew demonstates their willingness to die for their freedom. And yet, being an Orion slave trader is a sex fantasy that apparently is not out of bounds, even for 1960.s American TV. I get that Orions supposedly like being enslaved. But, wouldn’t a human slaver be a keeper to an Orion like a Talosian to their captives?