Gene-ology: “The Man From Texas”

It could have been the first television series created by Gene Roddenberry…but it never made it to a soundstage.  For the first time ever, Gene-ology reveals and analyzes Gene’s 1957 series pitch for the unmade show “The Man From Texas”.

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  1. Armando Fernandez says:

    Why don’t you make “THE MAN FROM HOUSTON”(THE LIFE OF SAM HOUSTON),as either a tv series,a mini-series,or a big screen movie? It would be a perfect tribute to Gene Roddenberry’s first attempt at a television series,yoiu can even follow it or add to it by making a tribute to Sam Houston’s son,Temple Houston,who was a Perry Mason of the Old West Days and was good with law books,his fists,and his six-gun?

  2. Armando Fernandez says:

    2024 is the 60Th Anniversary of the first Star Trek Pilot,”THE CAGE”(1964),so because of that,I am wnting to see Gene Roddenberry’s personal copy of it(the-all-black-and-white-workprint),released to Home Video media on DVD disc,Blu-ray disc,4K-disc,as well as the COMPLETE 78 Minute~Long Movie~Length Version,along with hours of extra special bonus features on it’s filming and production,unused story ideas,rejected concepts,artwork,a production timeline,deleted extra additional scenes,bloopers,behind-the-scenes footage,vintage and recent interviews,in special limited numbered packaging for a very special limited time release.You can also do a RE~MAKE of “THE CAGE”,using Gene Roddenberry’s several story script drafts of ideas put together into one.Please make this happen thank you!