The Menagerie


The Menagerie Part 1&2

The cast of Star Trek watches the original pilot for Star Trek. Loyalty, compassion and what might have been are examined as “The Menagerie” goes into the Mission Log.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    The 1st episode to be released on VHS in 1980 as Vol. 1:

  2. Will Wright says:

    Trivia: 2007: To celebrate the release of Star Trek Remastered on HD-DVD – this episode played on the Big Screen in selected cities and was even introduced by Rod himself. Read the review here @

  3. Symbionese Liberation Auntie says:

    Here’s an idea: a short story featuring the Talosians, having started a retirement home, trying to save their business once replicators and holodeck technology become ubiquitous within the Federation.

  4. Janet McKay says:

    I started watching Star Trek at the beginning of the second season, when I was 14. So I didn’t see The Menagerie when it was first broadcast, but I did see it as soon as Star Trek was shown in syndication (1970, I think). You wondered what fans at the time thought of The Menagerie. My friends and I disliked it, because “our” crew were there only as a shell for The Cage. Well, not *just* because of that, but as far as being interested in the ship’s origin story, we weren’t.