The Naked Time


The Naked Time

Breaking a sweat leads to multiple breakdowns on the Enterprise. Singing! Swordplay! Kirk is torn between two lovers! This week, we’re putting “The Naked Time” in the Mission Log!

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  1. Will Wright says:

    “Let’s do the Time Warp again.” This was the episode used in
    “X-MEN: Days of Futures Past.” Now nothing can ever be the same.

  2. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    My favourite line in this, beyond Spock’s “Take D’Artagnan to sickbay” was Uhura’s response to Sulu calling her a ‘fair maiden’: “Sorry; neither.”

  3. I think that a lot of the issues in this episode – as well as, to certain extent, Charlie X and even Where No Man – has more to do with impulse control than revealing a character’s deepest desire. I don’t think that Sulu *always* wants to fence heroically; I think that’s just what struck him at the time. Same with Reilly taking over the _Enterprise_ just so he could control things and sing. Alcohol – the metaphor – is known for lowering impulse control, and that’s how I see this episode.