The One with Almost Everyone

Wrapping up the TOS wrap-up shows with a host of guests. Joining John and Ken today, Mike and Denise Okuda, Vic Mignogna of Star Trek Continues, and Phil Plait – AKA The Bad Astronomer. Plus conversations with four Mission Log listeners!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hearing someone say “Whenever I hear Ken say sexism I know to skip forward” was rough and infuriating. Ken, please don’t stop doing what you do.

  2. Will Wright says:

    1998 The SciFi Channel presents: Star Trek:The Special Edition Promo Ad -

    • Will Wright says:

      Trivia: When the Sci-Fi Channel obtained the rights to the Original Star Trek Series, they really did set out to create a true special edition of the series, by cleaning up the old prints and featuring interviews with all the principal actors. Shockingly – much of the work never even made it to air! The project got caught in the change of ownership at USA Networks, their parent company.

    • Michael Richmond says:

      Do you know if the Sci-Fi Channel was the first channel to rebroadcast the Animated Series as well?