The One with Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Edition 4K

Go behind the scenes of the astounding new Director’s Edition of Star Trek The Motion Picture in 4K! We are thrilled to welcome David C. Fein and Daren Dochterman to talk about the painstaking and incredibly rewarding work that breathed new life into Trek’s big-screen debut.

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  1. nkc says:

    Saw it today, but hadn’t yet watched it on Paramount+.

    The biggest distinctions for me were in the V’Ger flyover scenes. Much more detail and visual interest to see just what’s going on there. Still a little long in the tooth for those scense but a definite improvement. Also, while TMP has always been a guilty pleasure, I’d never seen it on the big screen and it is definitely well served there vs on a television (even if a large one).

    Still glaring matte lines around the Klingon ships which was weird to see but, meh

    The story is solid (if a bit recycled) sci-fi story with good character moments. If one were to re-shoot that movie with modern sensibilities, it would (imo) stand up against other modern good sci-fi like Arrival and Interstellar.

    Hopefully folks that haven’t enjoyed it will go see it and give it another shot.