The Orville


The Orville “The Road Not Taken”

Kelly’s past self creates a disastrous alternate timeline that must be corrected as the season two finale of “The Orville” goes into the Mission Log. Join us for “The Road Not Taken.”

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  1. Ryan Peterson says:

    To be fair to STV:TFF regarding landing a ways away from where you’re going then walking a distance, they didn’t select the landing spot as the control of the shuttle was taken over by the god-like being as they were flying in. Maybe the selection of the landing spot should have been Kirk’s first hint that this wasn’t an all-powerful, all-knowing God. This guy’s much more into dramatic sequences than actually getting things done.
    Or maybe “God” was telling Kirk he had some pounds he could stand to work off.

  2. @Ryan Peterson that is too funny! I had forgotten that the shuttle had been taken over by everyone’s favorite Starship Seeking GLE LOL. Also, your note about a certain leading man needing to get a few more steps in is hilarious. Thanks for the comment!