The Ultimate Computer


The Ultimate Computer

When control of the Enterprise is handed over to a computer, what is a starship captain like Kirk to do? Luckily he gets to do what he does best – disable that computer! Find out how and why when we put The Ultimate Computer in the Mission Log.

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  1. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    One of my favourite episodes, so well acted and written, with a message(s) that never gets old, and some super lines that remain timely (“We’re all sorry for the other guy when he loses his job to a machine. When it comes to your job, that’s different. And it always WILL be different.”)
    How relevant the success of the M-5 computer might have had on Starfleeet is a different story. A computer can pilot the ship there, scan a planet and select the most appropriate landing party to beam down – but there still *has* to be a landing party. Unless some of Mudd’s androids are looking to stick their robot guts into Starfleet uniforms…

  2. gizmochimp says:

    Love this episode, especially the part where the red shirt gets blasted by M5. Pretty sure I shouted a very audible WHOA and rewatched. Really effective.