Two words: lizard babies. Two more words: Mission Log.

The day has arrived when we take on one of the most discussed, debated, and derided episodes in Star Trek history. What’s our verdict? Find out when Mission Log crosses the Threshold.

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  1. Ryan Peterson says:

    John’s comment about the “evolution” presented in this episode is exactly my problem with this episode. I have no conceptual problem with the idea of Janeway-Paris babies. And I have little complaint regarding the mutation that turned them into large salamanders. It’s the fact that they keep referring to what’s happening as “evolution.” John’s right. An individual doesn’t evolve. Species do.

    More pointedly, evolution isn’t just random mutation making big changes. It’s mutation that adapts a being/species to better fit their environment or expand abilities. There’s no way evolution would make you suddenly unable to breathe the atmosphere around you. If it had made his respiratory system more efficient, maybe.

    And the same mutation happens to both Paris and Janeway. As if evolutionary divergence weren’t a thing.

    Sci-Fi just can’t get it right. There’s a line in the Resident Evil movies where they state that Alice (Mila Jovovich) isn’t a mutation but an evolution. Evolution IS mutation.

    Anyway, like I said, that’s my problem with this episode and I’m glad you guys got into it. If they had simply called it mutation, I would accept it. But there is no part of this episode that fits ANY concept of evolution.

    • Perfectly said, Ryan. There are many ways that Star Trek asks us to suspend disbelief and allow the science to be stretched quite a bit. This is a different case where they insist on using a word that has a very specific meaning and a mountain of discovery/data/study behind it. I can understand the desire to create an episode that pushed boundaries too, but the mix in this episode is just off.

  2. eMan says:

    When I was younger, I loved watching Star Trek. I was not involved at all in any of the fan stuff. Pretty much watched in a vacuum, maybe with my brothers. I remember loving this episode. I thought it was such a wonderful sci-fi concept, achieving warp 10. And I loved how crazy it got, with Paris being allergic to water. And then him and Janeway having lizard babies. It was all so interesting. That mixed with excellent acting can mitigate science atrocities in my mind.

    Then years later, I found out that this episode is probably the most made fun of one, I was very surprised. I do see how silly it is now, but man, I still adore it.