‘Til Death Do Us Part

Captain Sisko decides if he’s going to follow his heart or follow the Prophets, Kai Winn lets a stranger into her life, and Ezri and Worf torture each other by talking about their problems… between being tortured by the Breen. Mission Log talks ‘Til Death Do Us Part.

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  1. Bob says:

    Good show boys

  2. Bob says:

    Good Show boys. I have never thought of Wolf’s behavior as a child. I have seen it as a husband who is still struggling with the loss of his wife, but she’s is not completely dead. There is a person on the station who has her memories and Worf could talk to her as if she was Jadzia. That has to very hard emotionally.

    • John says:

      Absolutely, Bob. Didn’t mean to make light of the idea that Worf has been going through loss. That much is for certain. At the same time, he has behaved selfishly and, dare we say, “without honor.” What, after all, was that mission to ensure Jadzia’s entrance to Sto-vo-kor all about then? And for that matter, did he ever bother to find out how this would be received by anyone else in Jadzia’s family or other Trill? As hard a time as he’s having, he needed to act with honor, not just talk about it.