The Conscience of the King


The Conscience of the King

Is Kirk watching MacBeth? Or is he seeing a war criminal, believed to be dead for the past 20 years? The Mission Log’s the thing wherein we’ll examine “The Conscience of the King.”

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  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    Another excellent podcast, gentlemen, and it made me want to revisit the episode, something I didn’t want to do before because my initial impression of it had been talky and improbable, for many of the reasons you raised, including the fact that Kirk’s dilemma about being correct about Kodos/Karidian was contrived. All he would have done was refer it to a Federation investigation team, it wasn’t as if he was trying, convicting and executing the man.
    As for Kodos, any sympathy he might have desired about the choices he made is lost when you remember he didn’t stick around to justify or explain himself. He fled, adopted a new identity, and has spent twenty years eating good food, sleeping in fine suites, trading bon mots at cocktail parties and receiving applause and acclaim from adoring fans. He made a good life.
    Something his victims couldn’t do.

  • Canadian liberal

    I’m trying to figure out what happened to Thomas Layton, and why. I mean BEFORE we meet him. Did Kodos burn half his face off? Why not kill him? He killed others. I don’t get it.