A Piece of the Action


A Piece of the Action

Kirk, Spock and McCoy land on a planet of 1920s Chicago gangsters. But it was an old encounter with people from Earth that made them that way. Can the Enterprise fix what the Horizon broke? Find out when we put “A Piece of the Action” in the Mission Log.

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  1. Jerry Stokes says:

    I wroght an episode of “Voyager” called “A Pieace of Our Action”. “Voyager” comes in contact with people, on a ship, from Sigma Iosha II.

  2. Mike C. says:

    Where you can find info and rules for Fizzbin, mostly based on Shatner’s dialogue in the episode:


    • I love the line in the description “most Trekkers play the game at Star Trek conventions.” Yeah, right. And even if they did, it’s a game that would last about 10 seconds before punches start being thrown!

  3. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    A fun piece of fluff episode for what is, at the heart of it, a sobering thought: that an entire culture would willingly throw away everything that made them unique, in favor of what a group of aliens brought to them. Did any of the Iotians feel threatened, try to rebel against this Terranization of their planet? Were they silenced, imprisoned, martyred? Could there exist an underground who still maintain the old ways, and might resurface when the promised reforms come about?

    I could only imagine what it might be like on our own world, if aliens finally turn up. What would j happen? People might embrace their culture, language, customs, food, religion, music, etc to the exclusion of their own. Assuming of course that the aliens don’t start eating us. I’m kind of hoping they don’t.

    • We got the impression that part of the Iotians culture IS to adopt whatever influence they have on them. Could have been an alien race that came before, or could have been one small thing that influenced them otherwise, but they seem to take on whatever traits they are given.

      • Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

        Interesting notion! Well, thank goodness they’re the exception out there. Imagine if someone found another alien race and tried to model them on something truly heinous. Like Nazis.

  4. Gene C. Fedderly says:

    In “A Canticle for Leibowitz”, which everyone should really read BTW, the monks were party of an order that was trying to preserve all learning from the days before the “Flame Deluge”. That’s why they were copying blueprints that they didn’t understand at all.

    WRT the Iotians, at least they copied a culture that had great fashion style. 😉

  5. John H Reiher Jr says:

    Let’s be honest, this story is inspired by Gordon Dickinson and Poul Anderson’s _Earthman’s Burden_ anthology collection. It’s about this teddy bear-like race, the Hoka. They copy various elements of Earth’s culture much like the Iotians.