Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang

The mob moves in and pushes Vic Fontaine out of his own club. It’s only a hologram, right? To Vic’s friends, he’s more than that, and they cook up a heist to put the mob on ice. Mission Log goes Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang.

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  1. Pete says:

    I enjoyed this episode a lot as Vic is a great character and James plays him so well, however I have to ask again there is still a war going on right?

  2. Nick says:

    All this distraction from the war talk is silly. Look at DSC or PIC. Are there any episodes like this? Is there time? Those shows are just one singular plot followed through over 10-15 episodes. There’s no room for anything else. There’s no room for many different types of stories.

    I agree there’s some padding in this season. Some clunkers. But this episode isn’t. It’s essential DS9 because it’s about the characters, and their love and acceptance of someone who isn’t quite like them, but fits in to their group anyway (Vic).

    I’m reminded of In the Cards, from Season 5 – that’s a lighter episode that immediately precedes seven very heavy episodes (the start of the Dominion War). But it’s placed perfectly, like this one, because you get to see everyone appreciate one another despite the difficulties they’re facing (and will face).

    I’m not worried that there’s only ten hours left (I’ve seen this show) to wrap things up. They’ll get back to the war, the founders, Cardassia, and everything else (mostly). This is their last chance to produce an episode like this (more chances than DSC ever had). As Vic and Sisko sang at the end (foreshadowing, I assume, based on episode production order), the best is yet to come…

    • And that’s something we covered in the episode (I think). This sort of diversion pushes the characters forward, it re-establishes their bonds, tells a good story, etc. It just comes after a long string of episodes that feel much. more disconnected.