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Cause and Effect Contact Sheets

Film Clippings

Contact sheets from TNG episode “Cause and Effect.”

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  1. Will Wright says:

    For some unknown reason – The Front Cover pics that were used on the VHS and LD jackets for this episode were cropped differently – which almost never happen.

    • Will Wright says:

      @MLhostJohn:disqus -Trivia: The bridge set used for the USS Bozeman ( and the same for The Hathaway in “Peak Performance” ) is wrong. Since the ship launched in 2278 – it’s bridge should look like the one used in “The Battle” Redressed Enterprise 1701 Movie Bridge set -seen here burning.

      • Will Wright says:

        Home Video Trivia: “Cause and Effect” can also be found on Disc 4 of the “Time Travel” FanCollective Box set, along w/ Yesterday’s Enterprise.

      • Treadwell says:

        Makes sense from a production standpoint, though. The original movie bridge had been repurposed so many times by TNG (usually for sets that weren’t even bridges) that the STV production decided it was easier to build a new one. STV had been produced just months before this episode was shot, so it likewise was easier for the TNG production to reuse THAT. The original would have still looked like its last TNG use which I think was the Picard-Deborgification lab.

        But curious, your point about the year. I never looked at that–Picard would have been on the Stargazer at that time? Then they should at least be in S1 TNG uniforms. (Or, just an earlier year given in the dialog….)

        • Will Wright says:

          Hi Treadwell. The Uniforms seen being worn by the Bridge Crew of the Bozeman are correct – since 2278 ( the stated stardate by her captain ) falls 7 years after the events seen in The Motion Picture – and 7 years before STII: TWOK. For reference – The Enterprise D launch in 2364 – and Picard commanded the Stargazer in 2355 ( see : “The Battle” ) after having served on board her since 2333. That ship was extremely old – having launched in the era of StarTrek 6-ish? So 9 years before the events of Encounter @ Farpoint they had switched over to the uniforms seen in that episode – and we know the old style uniforms from TROK / TOS movie era were still worn up through 2345ish and according to maybe (?) even til 2353 – based on the events seen in both “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “Tapestry”.

    • Will Wright says:

      Personally – I think the shot seen from the bridge of the Enterprise ( the frame used as the chapter marker on the DVD – seen here ) is better: