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The Next Generation:

Script Excerpt from Q Me? (True Q)

Script Excerpt

These pages are the teaser segment as well as short scene from the original pitch script “Q Me?” submitted to the production by Matthew Corey. The teaser establishes a near-collision that is the work of Q. The next scene features Data and Deanna Troi as “Mr. & Mrs. Claus” helping the kids aboard the Enterprise celebrate Christmas.

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  1. Earl Green says:

    TNG spec scripts from a dot matrix printer… this gives me the warm fuzzies. I too chucked a spec at them, with the prerequisite release forms that basically surrendered my firstborn to Paramount Pictures, though looking back all these years later, I realize mine was nowhere near ready for prime time. (My script, not my firstborn.)

    I really like some of what I see in the spec. Santa Data is rather amusing – talk about a role Data’s uniquely unsuited to fill.

    Belated congratulations to Matthew Corey. So many of us reading Starlog and CFQ wanted to be the next Ronald D. Moore, and so many of us took a shot at it – and he got one in. That also gives me the warm fuzzies.