Cold Fire

The Caretaker wasn’t alone, and Voyager may be able to get home if the crew can find his mate. Along they way, they’ll have to deal with an Ocampa with a cult-like obsession and his sights on Kes to join him. Cold Fire goes into the Mission Log.

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  1. Robert Vargas says:

    Love the show, love the premise and format and I love the insight. Just saw that your show is no longer on Pandora which is a bummer. Don’t know if you knew so I figured there was no harm in mentioning it. Thank you for the time and hard work you all put in year round. Cheers.

    • Hey Robert – seems like whenever there is a backend change on our RSS feed, some of those platforms get lost. We just resubmitted the show feeds to a bunch of places (including Pandora) so hopefully it pops up again there soon!