Discovering Your Pain

Episode four of Mission Log Live covers episode five of Star Trek: Discovery – “Choose Your Pain.” Topics to include:

– The Tardigrade
– The “F” Word
– The Mysterious Ash Tyler
– The “Trek” Bits of Star Trek: Discovery

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  1. Homer Frizzell says:

    I support the f bombs and didn’t think they needed a more appropriate moment.
    This is 21st Century, non-broadcast network Star Trek addressing 21st Century issues. If GoT were on ABC it’d be different than if it were on HBO. Same here and in the movies which you mentioned. It’s great we get to see another side of Trek. This is not the antiseptic TNG or a gateway kid Trek but it tries to tell a gritty story. All of these characters are immensely flawed which is a welcome departure from the previous 50 years.
    I’m glad to see a more unfettered storytelling.

  2. Jason8957 says:

    The use of the F-word seemed contrived to deliver shock value. Didn’t seem realistic in the context of the scene and seemed more childish to me like a teenager showing off by cursing. When I see stuff like this or excessive use of stylized violence, I get the feeling that this is being used as a crutch by the writers to cover for a lack of creative talent. – Disappointed

  3. Good grief! You people (talking about the commenters more than Ken and John) getting so hung up on a VERY CASUAL, non-confrontational F-bomb. How about the awesome story of a character torn between his need to perform and show he’s officer material and his needing to tolerate the torture and abuse of another sentient being? Burnam’s torn, but Saru’s in even worse shape. This is a real no-win situation. And I love how his special skill as a “prey animal” is what allowed ONLY HIM to recognize the behavior of one Klingon ship was that of prey, so it must be the Captain. Then, while he still has the authority to do so, he commands Burnham to find a way to save the Tardigrade. His admission that he was angry at Burnham for being the recipient of Georgiou’s attention and mentoring instead of him, and Burnham’s gift as a response was so totally awesome!

    And regarding that F-bomb. Is that all you can hear? Who delivered the initial F-bomb? Tilly. Can we PLEASE not hear this as an F-bomb IN PARTICULAR and just see it as another example of Tilly’s social awkwardness? As the father of an autistic spectrum kid and being associated with MANY autistic spectrum adults, the use of unacceptable words is very common. Sure, it wasn’t the right thing to say in that moment, but she just got all excited about the science and she blurted this out. Did you see everyone’s faces? They all looked at her in disapproval, then she looked embarrassed, realizing her social faux pas. So what was Stamet’s response? He echoed it back to her, effectively saying, “I understand you’re excited about this, and I am accepting of your way to express it, please forgive my initial reaction.” And Stamets is HER BOSS! This was a ten-second lesson in the differences between sentient beings and the need to accept those differences. I thought it was AWESOME, and because of everyone’s shock and dismay at the use of the F-word, not something Star Trek could have done on network TV without some artificial technique like using “Frak” as a substitute.

    This episode was what made Discovery turn the corner for me as being “Real Star Trek.” Just like “The Big Goodbye” did when I first watched TNG. In both cases, the jury was still out for me until that episode. I hope it continues to get better. I like the trajectory. Yeah, I still don’t like the Klingons, but we’ll see … I’m hoping they will retcon that back in. I can think of several ways to do it.

  4. Jerry Stokes says:

    Yes, f…… didn’t need to be said.