Discovering Vulcan Shame

Episode five of Mission Log Live covers episode six of Star Trek: Discovery – “Lethe.” This week, we revisit the salty language of “Choose Your Pain,” we talk about the relationship between Lorca and Cornwell, and more. Plus, an interview with Hugo and Nebula award winning SF author and Star Trek fan Robert J. Sawyer.

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  1. Earl Green says:

    The Vulcan extremists/separatists/isolationists – however you want to put it – were a nice carry-forward from Enterprise’s fourth season. The same mindset that tried to kill Soval (and did kill Admiral Forrest) is still around to have a go at Sarek. Proof that anyone’s confirmation bias can derail their “logic”. I wonder if we’ll have to deal with this faction down the road in Discovery.

    • Exactly! I really appreciated that the depiction of the Vulcans in “Enterprise” gave them more depth, more complexity. It plays out nicely with what we see of Sarek’s story here.

      • Earl Green says:

        Whatever that guy used to turn himself into a bomb, however…that stuff is *really* bad for the skin. I mean, even before he explodes (which is obviously even worse for one’s skin).

  2. JusenkyoGuide says:

    GYAH! WHY?! I was looking forward to a talk about the Sarek story here! It added such layers and was so beautifully written that it dovetailed with everything we have seen of Sarek from TOS to TNG and made it more powerful. Why? Why the avoidance?

    • Call in (or write in) to the show! We’re discussing the topics our listeners bring us.

    • Earl Green says:

      I don’t think it was avoided, but considering how information-dense the average episode of Discovery is compared to TNG, there’d be a lot to unpack even if the live shows were two hours.

      I loved, with a capital “loved”, the development of Sarek in this one. This to me was Rogue One-level prequeling: it doesn’t break the universe that we knew before, but reframes it significantly and adds weight to what we already knew. It’s neat that we don’t have to SEE Spock for him to be a presence in Michael Burnham’s life, and we get some real meat to the falling out between Spock and Sarek in/prior to TOS: it wasn’t just that Sarek disapproved of Spock enlisting in Starfleet, but Sarek was also throwing at Spock the full weight of his guilt about costing Michael her spot in the Vulcan Expedition Group. It’s done so elegantly and organically, too. Loved it.

      Discovery really is my favorite Trek since DS9.

      • Konservenknilch says:

        I know that not everyone is happy with using Sarek instead of a new Vulcan, but I’m completely on board that we concentrate on the one known Vulcan with something of a human obsession.

  3. Jerry Stokes says:

    Flash Forward” should have been a movie.

  4. CmdrR says:

    I agree with your guest this week. I CAN distinguish the characters in Discovery, which is a great thing this early on. I confess… when I viewed ‘11001001’ for the first time, I totally confused Picard with Commander Quinteros. One had a goatee; best I could do at the time. Discovery is doing a great job of focusing on the characters! I’m hooked.

  5. Mike Serpa says:

    Re: the language/violence
    I don’t know what the ratings are for Discovery, but I got to think the fact that it’s not on broadcast tv like every other ST show does more to keep “kids” away from the show. (Of course, the only reason they can have the “bad” language and ultra-violence is because they aren’t on broadcast tv)