Galaxy’s Child

There is a baby space something attached to the Enterprise, feeding on its energy, and jeopardizing the lives of everyone on the ship. But Geordi has bigger problems: his real life crush just found out about the holographic simulation he made of her! Can they work through their issues and save the ship? Find out when we put Galaxy’s Child in the Mission Log.

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  1. JusenkyoGuide says:

    Oh, I have been waiting for this one…

  2. Dave Steph Taylor says:

    I guess Geordi never heard of clearing your browser history 😉

    Seriously, that guy never catches a break

  3. CmdrR says:

    I promise you … as soon as the iPhone 16S allows you to capture and manipulate someone’s image into a snuggle-bunny … this mistake of fantasy/reality confusion will happen all over the place. This is coming. I do hope Geordi mopped the holodeck afterwards. Sticky floors are a dead giveaway.

  4. Lou Dalmaso says:

    space Perogies!

  5. Troy Brooks says:

    This is another episode I felt there was a better way to resolve the issue. I thought rather than Leah Brahms being married, which should have been in her Star Fleet record, it would have been better if she would have been a lesbian, which if she had never been married wouldn’t have necessarily been in any personnel file.

    • EuroMIX says:

      I agree, and have always felt this way, in fact I sometimes wonder if this was in the original concept and was changed because the show had an aversion to showing gay characters at this point.

      As you said, her being married does seem like something that should be obvious info, but her sexuality is more personal and not something you’d necessarily disclose.

  6. DesertDweller79 says:

    The worst thing about this episode is how it portrays Leah as being wrong for being upset, and worse, being awful because she doesn’t like Geordi. It is horrible when Geordi blames her for not letting him be her friend. This is a perfect example of misogyny. And the ending is just terrible in how she actually *apologizes* after he has spent the whole episode being creepy.

    I’m a woman, and I find this episode horribly depressing and creepy.

    • Dave Steph Taylor says:

      Totally. She had every right to be upset and creeped out.

    • John Anderton says:

      Of course it is. In a workplace, you need to go out of your way to prevent this kind of thing. You need to be nice and professional so there is no threat or implied threat.

  7. Wildride says:

    You can probably add “Somebody to Love”, “Jane” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” to your cover lineup.

    The allusion to “Leah” in the other First Contact makes it worse that she not only apologizes for being creeped out by stalker Geordi but eventually ends up with him. Ick.

    • Good point. Also, please don’t encourage the cover band… 😉

    • CmdrR says:

      Are we sure that in ‘AGT…’, future Geordi’s Leah is this Leah? Maybe he just realized he had a thing for that name. As a viewer, I would really need to know that Geordi didn’t go out, kill Mr. Brahms, and bed down his widow.

      • Muthsarah says:

        To quote Tasha in “The Naked Now”:

        “I’m only going to tell you this, just once. It never happened.”

      • Wildride says:

        It’s not official, but given that they were supposed to attend the Troi/Riker wedding as a couple, it seems likely that was their intent.

  8. Wildride says:

    One thing is that Geordi has mentioned this to more than one person. Not only did it come up with Reg, but also during the fight with Wes in Sarek. So, knowing Geordi and knowing Leah was coming, it’s a shame nobody took him aside and said, “Hey, don’t be a weirdo with this stranger that you think you’re in love with.”

    I think his reaction to when he realizes she’s seeing the program (and really, why would he save that) is proof enough that he’s done something wrong. If anything, his anger at her is misplaced anger at himself due to his guilt.

    On another tack, this is an analogy about fans interacting with celebrities, particularly actors, and the false levels of intimacy that can come from seeing someone in the real world that you’re used to seeing on your TV every week. Geordi really is a drooling fanboy of hers.

  9. Wildride says:

    Galaxy’s Child is full of stars. My God — It’s full of stars.

  10. PureLimbic . says:

    I’m kinda glad Geordi came back at her. He’s been nothing but nice to her the whole time, and she walked all over him. I feel sorry for the poor guy that married her. Barclay recreated the entire command staff and managed to manage to form genuine frienships with Geordi and Troi. Troi was irritated too, but she didn’t try to roast him. She even stayed friends after he went back to Starfleet and managed to get in touch with Voyager. Leah was just too hostile to get any sympathy from me.

  11. rrr46060 says:

    you guys should invite neil degrasse tyson on the show
    he is a sci/fi, and a star trek fan

  12. Pancho planet says:

    ” Boobytrap ” ” Boobytrap ”


  13. Robert Karma says:

    We are moving to the Atlanta area which means an 8-hour drive this Sunday to our new abode. I have most of Season 4 of Mission Log Podcast to catch up with so it is a blessing from Q to keep me company on the road.

    • Had no idea you were moving, Robert! Safe travels, and glad to be there (virtually) for the ride. Talk soon.

      • Robert Karma says:

        Diane got a job in Decatur so we could move to be closer to our families. An added bonus is being right there for DragonCon. Should be a positive change.

  14. gizmochimp says:

    I could definitely relate to Geordi, but the part in the Holodeck where he seems to almost physically block her from leaving was really uncomfortable.

  15. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Does the ship’s computer have access to the crew’s psychological files? So that when Geordi asked it to tweak the Brahm’s hologram with “personality”, it did so to create an avatar that would be of interest to him? Or did it continually adjust it in subtle ways and observed him for positive and negative reactions, eventually maximising it in order to maintain his interest? Such an ability would be immensely efficacious, both as an educational and a sales tool, tailoring its approach to different subjects. I know that in “Booby Trap” (heh heh) Geordi asked the computer to access Brahms’ personality files, but after meeting the real one, it seems incredulous that all that “when you touch the engines, Geordi, you’re touching me” would have come from her. Unless it accessed her teenage attempts at poetry.

    Wait, if Geordi touching Brahms when he’s touching the engines, what does it mean when he’s crawling through the Jeffries tubes?

    • EuroMIX says:

      The computer did say there would be about a 10% margin of error, and I do believe holodeck characters default to being useful or interested in non-holo people, plus the computer knew Geordi wanted someone to work with, so it might have subdued any more combative parts of her personality so she could fulfil her role and solve the problem.

  16. wry observer of folly says:

    Scotty’s trouble with women? Who here is surprised?

    He murdered several “escorts” on Argelius 2, and by his own admission, considers all women to be partially sane! (Lights of Zetar)

  17. John Anderton says:

    A group of writers tried to finish off Star Trek’s sexism by prosecuting La Forge for sexual harrasmemt when he used personnel records to have relations with a Holodeck Leah Brahms. Unfortunately, they failed: Gene instead decided to go back in time and force La Forge to wear a woman’s head band. But sexism was in fact forced into the shadows, only to come out from time to time when people look the other way.