Everybody seems edgy. Well, except for the people who seem to be groggy and forgetful. And the ones turning into frogs and lemurs and whatever Worf is turning into. Can Data and Captain Picard save the day? You probably know the answer, but find out for certain when Genesis goes into the Mission Log.

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  1. Pete2174 says:

    I though this was the one about the bloke at the back of the room who is suddenly thrust into the limelight and became the voice of the Enterprise?

  2. CmdrR says:

    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea in Space!
    This is the worst episode ever! I love it. Let me drop my brain in the stasis jar and enjoy!

  3. Derwood says:

    Much longer and Data would have devolved into a Roomba.

  4. Bob Little says:

    “Jesus he knows me, he” will not allow me to de-evolve, not “tonight, tonight, tonight” but like “Abacab”ra I became a “Carpet Crawler”
    When Crusher turned on Barclay’s T cells, did she “Turn it on again”?
    It was asked why Worf bit Troi, Worf said, “I know what I like”. Worf was banging down the door of sickbay because when he went back to Troi’s room, There was “no reply at all.”
    I am very happy that Spot became a “Mama”, but she should be placed “In the Cage”
    After Data found the cure, “That’s all.”

  5. Dave Steph Taylor says:

    If you don’t think to deeply, (or at all), this is a fun silly episode.

    It has that typical quick fix at the end of the episode. Seems like after such a sudden and drastic change, the crews bodies would be in a lot of shock

    The Riker flip off is a great little moment

  6. Burstingfoam says:

    Posted before listening – I’m not going to defend the script of this episode for anything more than 30 seconds, but surely it must be said, the makeup people earned their fee this week? Gates McFadden has nothing to be ashamed of for being director of this one.

    Script’s ridiculous, though, albeit fun. My big bugbear is that the presence of Data in these sort of stories always robs them of tension, since he can’t be affected. The Game was a bit like that too – although that did at least try to come up with a solution for the problem.

    • deaddropsd says:

      Data is clearly the powerhouse of the show. You’d think by now, they’d have a “Oh shit computer, we’re getting sick, can you take over, get help and get us to the nearest starbase or starship?” PROTOCOL by now…

  7. deaddropsd says:

    Not to be to negative, but for these turd episodes, I think I am just gonna make a list of why they are terrible, low quality and just awful for a show that was in it’s final season…You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on special effects to make a good episode, i.e. “The Measure of A Man”, “The Drumhead”….this was just lipstick on a pig thinking/writing.
    1. explosive torpedo running wild?…”LET’S SEND THE CAPTAIN!!” wtf? even sending your one of a kind, science officer, third in command is a horrible idea.
    2. ship infected with a virus and no one think to send out a distress signal? I know Riker looked like he was gonna try to send a message, but you’d think there’d be a protocol for this…sigh….
    3. imo, TNG just cannot do horror…how many episodes have they “tried”? “Night Terrors”, “Schisms”, “Genesis”, “Frame of Mind”, “Realm of Fear”?, enh…good in their own ways, but not scary….imo..
    4. Iguana spot wearing the cat collar. Reminded me of an episode of “Bewitched”
    5. When Picard and Data board, they don’t send a distress signal with their shuttle? Hell, they should have been calling for help, once they saw the Enterprise adrift…
    6. Nice and convenient for us to only bump into the primary cast members as critters. Would have been more scary if it were some “Crazy” virus a la “The Crazies”, not quite zombies, but just aggressive as hell. Worf would be killing a few, but too dark and serious for TNG I guess. NO significant death count = LOW STAKES.
    7. The reset button, terrible. People have been changed on a genetic level to animals and monster. You’d think there’d be some after effects of these events mentioned in future shows….NnaaaaahhhHHH

    • CmdrR says:

      Lt. Jr. J. — “Hey, Commander Riker, I think the Enterprise needs insurance. Say, weren’t you once the Geico Caveman? Sure you were. You remember…”
      Riker — “SSSssshhhh! We do NOT discuss that. EVER! By the way, what wine goes with lion fish sushi??”

  8. Eryn Mills says:

    I’m right there wish John on this: I’d rather watch “Genesis” than “Sub Rosa”. “Sub Rosa” is like walking in on my mom…I’m not finishing that sentence. At least “Genesis” has monsters. I can handle monsters. They don’t make me want to vomit.

    • Dave Steph Taylor says:

      Same. I can watch Genisis with my brain off and enjoy it. NOTHING about Sub Rosa is enjoyable

    • Konservenknilch says:

      Same. Enough has been has said about the garbage “science” of this episode. And boy, do I look forward to the discussion about Threshold.

      But at least this was somewhat entertaining, as opposed to the mind-numbing boredom of Sub Rosa, which was also a huge disservice to Crusher as a character.

      As discussed in mission log, this would have fared much better as a “alien space ray makes characters go weird” episode. Maybe a new Ferengi weapon?

  9. Rick Costa says:

    Haven’t heard Mission Log yet, I have often remembered this as the worst of the later episodes. Its just the writing. It’s just ridiculous!

  10. Dave Steph Taylor says:

    One more thought.

    So Data’s cat spot has kittens. Kittens need constant nourishment and caring for, Spot then turns into a lizard. Lizards do not lactate. Is there a pile of dead kittens in Data’s room???

  11. Jason8957 says:

    At least we can now put to rest (ahem) what is the bed of a Klingon warrior. Not a hard slab of stone or anything like that, but a comfy foam mattress with silky sheets.

    And Dr. Crusher unwittingly unleashes a horrible, highly infectious, deadly disease that quickly sweeps through a population resulting in an unknown number of deaths that was only contained by sheer luck. Oh well, tee hee, all’s well that ends well.

    We came so close to having a Captain Caveman. And I saw a randomly placed captain caveman sticker on a vending machine at a gas station this morning. Life is weird.

  12. Scrappy says:

    I wish the entire crew would’ve de-evolved into monkeys. It would’ve been a much more fun episode if it was Data running around the ship trying to get the monkeys to stop breaking things.

  13. Durakken says:

    oh cmon, devolution episodes are always the best episodes of every Star Trek series… And how is this “not Star Trek” when there is one of these in like every series?

    • Dave Steph Taylor says:

      I think the guys nailed it. It was not the concept of de-evolution but the science of it and the quick turn around fix. And yes Trek has done well, this was not one of them.

  14. John Anderton says:

    Riker’s dumb look is great – thus saving this episode from the worst of the worst.

  15. DataMat says:

    This one is good. I think the SFX hold up very well for a nearly 20 year old tv episode.

  16. Liam McMullin says:

    I liked this one as a kid. It’s stupid now, but I understand where John is coming from when he praises the atmosphere.