It’s the usual story: energy being meets boy meets girl. What has to change to turn this unlikely trio into the perfect couple? Find out when we put Metamorphosis into the Mission Log.

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  1. Jerry Stokes says:

    Q exspaned the the Q cantinuam to Janway.

  2. Will Wright says:

    The Companion is NOT a cold blooded killer, even though, through it’s actions it is responsible for what happen to Hedford.

    The Companion is not the Misty Vampire killer we see in “Obsession.” She is more a like the Entity we see on “Next Gen.”, acting in her own best interest of course. Her intent was not to kill. She did kind of fulfill the dying women’s wishes at her end, because Hedford had regrets about her choice for a lack of a love life, which now she can have, even though “we” are left to question how much of the original character’s mind / soul is left intact.

    Perhaps the resulting NET “character” was
    better that the Original sum of it’s two parts, possessing a
    consciousness and an identity distinct from either of it’s progenitors?

  3. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    “Zefram Cochrane? Of Alpha Centauri”?

    Well, Alpha Centauri, Montana…

  4. jayoungr . says:

    Hmm, I didn’t think of Cochrane’s reaction as being a metaphor for homosexuality, specifically. I saw it more as a retroactive “date rape” realization, and I thought it was kind of interesting to see that reaction from a male character.

  5. The Spock Unit says:

    “Homicidal” apparently did not precede “Psycho”. I can’t find anything that supports that timeline.

    All I could find is this:

    “Homicidal” was released by Columbia Pictures on 07/26/1961, “Psycho” was first shown on 06/16/1960 at the DeMille Theatre on Seventh Avenue in New York and widely released by Paramount Pictures on 09/08/1960. Time Magazine praised “Homicidal” shortly after its release by saying it “surpassed ‘Psycho’ in structure, suspense and sheer nervous drive” while also mentioning that it was made in imitation of Hitchcock’s movie.

  6. John H Reiher Jr says:

    My only gripe about the recasting Zefram Cochrane, is that Ralph was 6′, and James Cromwell is 6′ 6 1/2″. Also, Ralph was dark brunette, and James was a sandy brown. Perhaps the Companion decided she could “fix up” Zefram to suit her tastes.