Mudd's Women


Mudd’s Women

Chicanery. Bureaucracy. Misogyny. It’s just another day on the 23rd Century frontier. This week, the Mission Log tracks the adventures of “Mudd’s Women.”

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  1. Will Wright says:

    You know Bill …..

  2. Coupon: The Movie says:

    Ben Childress was a good guy. He’s just a miner and rough around the edges. I think he was bluffing about not giving the Enterprise the crystals and letting them crash into the planet. He would have relented in the end.

  3. Will Wright says:

    From Star Trek : Communicator Magazine –

  4. August says:

    Your discussion about Mudd being a contractor to find and supply spouses was weird. You insist that what he is doing is wrong and you hope there was an offscreen explaination. Is that also your opinion of the hundreds of internet dating sites? People go on them and pay an intermediary to introduce them to someone they might hope to marry. Mudd just takes it a step further by also offering transportation.

  5. August says:

    Funny how you kept going back to joke that they were dancing without music. There actually was music running during the entire scene. You must have thought it was viewer music and not in-scene music. It is played with a higher level of reverb, indicating it is in-scene music, then when the fight breaks out it is overwhelmed by viewer music. Also, if you get the soundtrack, the music played during the dancing is called Space Radio, implying that is the music they were actually dancing to.