What Are Little Girls Made Of?


What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Ancient robot technology and a brilliant but misguided scientist leave Kirk, Chapel and the crew of the Enterprise in a lurch. “What are Little Girls Made of?” We’ll find out on this week’s Mission Log!

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  1. Will Wright says:

    I know this sound ,er rather strange, but – when they beam down to the planet- I dare you to watch this episode in Black & White and forget you ever saw it in color. I know what your thinking – sounds crazy – since those lighting guys obviously went out of their way to add as much color to an “underground” set as possible ( the color seen here really pops at times ) however – just take my word for it. This episode works best as if you reversed the whole Wizard of Oz – color when they get to Oz process. Starting in color and switching to b&w -The episode takes on more of a Thriller / Twilight Zone feel – and it just works.

    • Will Wright says:

      I remember how – while watching The Six Million Dollar Man – the robot w/ out his face mask – while maybe seen as cheesy today – managed to scared me when I was a kid. This episode not only didn’t do that – and it could have been a real scare – ( again thinking of many Twilight Zone episodes ) cause in many ways it just on big epic fail. Had Kirk only punched Kirby’s his face mask off – the reveal could have been way more dramatic.

  2. Coupon: The Movie says:

    God, Andrea was beautiful. I remember seeing this when i was probably about five and thinking “Yeah, i like girls. They’re pretty and soft.”.

  3. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Another great podcast, guys, and you got me thinking when you discussed Korby’s reaction to revealing his discoveries to Starfleet and the Federation at large. Now it occurred to me: given what we learn of him at the end of the episode, and what we know about the Federation’s attitude to artificial intelligence up to the time of Data: what if Korby was worried that he wouldn’t be seen as a sentient being, a pale imitation of the once-living Korby, and that not only would he lose his claim to the Exo discoveries, but his rights?

    (I know, probably putting more thought into it than Bloch did :-))