Kirk and the crew come a across a cloud that he swears he has seen before. It has to be stopped, but at what cost? Find out when we put Obsession in the Mission Log.

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  1. Matthew Saxon says:

    I think John was spot on in saying about Obsession that there are: “Worse episodes of Star Trek that I like better”. Literally seconds before this quote came up on the podcast and John and Ken were describing it as flat and unmemorable and I was thinking to myself that it could best be described as rating a consistent 4.5 out of 10 all the way through the 50 minutes. Whereas many ‘worse’ episodes, say “Way to Eden” or “Whom Gods Destroy” or “Patterns of Force” to use a not-season-three example, move above or below this mark as they go along, giving you memorable moments in amongst the *bad* things.

    Maybe these aren’t great examples personally as I love those three episodes even if the average fan doesn’t; although I acknowledge their silliness. (Context: I don’t think City on the Edge of Forever is the greatest ever trek, or even in the top 5 plus.)

    • Good notes, Matthew. As we always say, every episode is someone’s favorite and someone’s least favorite. “Enjoyment” is just one of those subjective things.

  2. Will Wright says:

    History of Star Trek TOS on Consumer Home Video : This Episode was released as part of “The Captains” series VHS Pack – and as such – had it’s own exclusive cover. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d85d165ffce693aa5da4fb0f066677f5d4f345167ef3ae10626219409d0af654.jpg