Remember Me

Everyone is disappearing from the Enterprise… or is it just one person who has disappeared? Honestly, we cannot remember. See if you can when we put “Remember Me” in the… oh… what is that thing called again?

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  1. JusenkyoGuide says:

    Wow… You know, I always thought that this was an ok ep, not very strong, but ok… I never got half of what you guys got from it. I’m really going to have to re-watch it now.

  2. CmdrR says:

    OK, you say this ep’s theme is loss of precious memories… which is where I thought they were going to go. (Then they could roll credits over the Cowboy Junkies song ‘To Love is to Bury.’) But, I felt that they didn’t actually go there. I thought the ep just gave up on themes about half-way and went for creepy/suspense/action. Ah well…

    Big Yoda Hand:

  3. Mihai Furtună says:

    “Crushing the Enterprise” really John? 🙂

  4. Wildride says:

    “The Klingon?!?”
    “We’ve never needed a crew before.”
    “I wasn’t talking to you.”

  5. deaddropsd says:

    Durakken: I thought of you and your crew staffing analysis when Crusher called for Dr. Selar and Dr. Hill. lol good stuff

    • Durakken says:

      I thought of that too… and it’s in this episode we get a bit of info that could be used… Someone says that 1 Doctor is the normal compliment for a ship of a crew of ~250. Interesting.

  6. deaddropsd says:

    “The Traveller” Erik Menyuk-

  7. deaddropsd says:

    “Dr. Dalen Quaice” Bill Erwin RIP 2010

    • Muthsarah says:

      It always astonishes and confuses me how there are some looks – even just facial looks – that are so of-their-time. To look at young Bill’s face, it just screams 1930s-1950s. Not the black-and-white, not the uniform. He just looks so…Great Depression, World War II, maybe 1950s crooner band. I’ve seen older Bill many times over the years; couldn’t NOT recognize the guy, but never associated him with anyone other than “old guy from 1990s television”. But as a young man, he looks like The Greatest Generation incarnate. And I’ve never, ever seen a young man who looks like him, other than some other guys of his time.

      • deaddropsd says:

        I am glad you enjoy these pics. As I posted previously, these people “live forever” in our homes in random repeats, Netflix viewings, DVDs and memories. Pretty certain, I will be watching Trek re-runs in my old age! I’ve been doing the math and musing over how I am now older than Sirtis, Spiner and Frakes when they making the show and just thinking about how life, age, experience makes your perspectives so different!! Crazy!!

    • He was in a hilarious episode of Seinfeld, where the gang volunteered to look after senior citizens. Erwin played a wonderful curmudgeon, taunting Jerry: “Oh listen, before you go, would you mind changing my diaper? HAA!” Thanks for posting the pics… Here’s a bit from Seinfeld: ^_^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC2CM7UVzPQ

  8. Wildride says:

    “… It may take seven years, or so, but I’m sure your dead body will turn up, in like some conduit or bulkhead in engineering.”

  9. deaddropsd says:

    1. Man, I wish they showed starbases more! What an effect! What a scene!!
    2. If docked, why beam Dr. Quaice over? Lazy, old doctor! lol, ok, he was old.
    3. If the warp bubble was confined to engineering, why did vortex appear in sickbay then the bridge? Well, I guess it was just in Beverly’s mind right?nvm…lol
    4. Why would the family of missing crew members even be on the ship?!?!

    • Dave Steph Taylor says:

      1- Just think of the scale of those things. A Galaxy class star ship is swallowed up inside the starbase.

      2- After Scotty took ten minutes to circle around the Enterprise God knows how many times in the Motion Picture, I think Star Fleet simply said, “Just use the Transporters.”

      3- Seems to be all over the place, except for the one time she only has a minute left. 😉

      I love how at the end it just makes sense to Picard that he and Beverley would run an entire Starship by themselves.

      • deaddropsd says:

        thanks for your reply Dave Steph Taylor! Yes, some Twilight Zone aspects are just not meant to be explained away. Soooo many times the limits of a 44 minute episode story telling technique are just destroying otherwise amazing story arcs…ugh.. TIMES UP!! LOL…
        I always got excited when starbases were shown. sadly an underused concept. Dangit- could have been so fun…to explore, I know DS9 was the station for this universe, but so many possibilities…even showing one destroyed by the Dominion would have been AWESOME!!!

  10. Troy Brooks says:

    I enjoyed this episode, but would have been fine without the Traveller or the “use the Force” bits. Indeed I think this would have been better if more of it was in the alternate universe. Basically everything in between the flash in engineering and Dr. Crusher jumping through the portal.
    But I have a person distaste for technobabble

  11. Muthsarah says:

    Quick question: What’s the best Beverly episode?

    Don’t read this, I wanted a quick answer. Just off the top of your head. GO!

    Stop reading this!

    • Bruce Aguilar says:

      Well I can only think of two at the moment that focus squarely on Beverly. This one and Sub Rosa. This is obviously the stronger of the two. Any others?

      • Muthsarah says:

        The High Ground, The Host, Attached, Ethics (sorta), Suspicions.

        She’s been a lead character only a few times, and some of the episodes are pretty good. They just rarely get talked about. Or remembered.


        Hence my asking. :p

        • deaddropsd says:

          “The Host” was great for the gay social commentary, very cutting edge imo at the time. I was 18. Made me think…

          • Muthsarah says:

            Really? It was…interesting, I guess, but very minor, and 11th hour. I don’t think we were meant to think Beverly was being close-minded or anything. Provocative…maybe nowadays it would be there, but probably not in 1991.

            EDIT: Though it has been a while since I’ve last seen it. Maybe the episode made a bigger deal of it than I remember.

            The introduction of the Trill and the “Riker”/Crusher pairing are what the episode’s really known for. So it’s not even really about Beverly’s character, which is sad, because we rarely get to explore that.

    • Dave Steph Taylor says:

      She is great as a supporting character, just not very strong as a lead character.

    • deaddropsd says:

      I think this is it. I liked the Twilight Zone feel of the episode. I only wish they had kept us in the dark until the very end, not involved the Traveler and had her just break down balling when she was reunited w the crew. The neglect of her character and just waiting around for Picard was very shortsighted. I know she had one or two romantic episodes, but really human nature- if we aren’t together, let these characters fly around a la Jadzia Dax…lol

  12. deaddropsd says:

    This episode highlights to me the lack of vision w regard to character development. If Wesley was going to be some “prodigy” w regard to warp field mechanics, joining Starfleet was a real step down imo. Then, Wesley does the Native American thing and leaves the show w the Traveller, then comes back for “Nemesis” in Starfleet uniform for Riker and Troi’s wedding w the deleted scene of him hitting on chicks at the wedding. Just a very scrambled destiny for Wesley. Bringing back the Traveller was considered a big deal just to show that the show remembered events from the previous seasons, how sad. Lack of large story arcs and continuity are TNGs biggest failing…sigh. I think for Crusher, La Forge and Troi toward S5/6/7 they started grasping at random straws to flesh out these characters.

    • nathankc says:

      The final book in the Cold Equations trilogy does some justice to Wes and the Travelers fwiw

    • Dave Steph Taylor says:

      It does get a bit messy about Wesley.

    • Durakken says:

      Wesley is literally a writng no, no… It was Rodenberry writing his idealized younger self into his story… which is considered a bad thing to do by just about any professional that gives advice so Wes was always doomed to be a bad character.

      The Traveller is an interesting character, but he’s never been used in a worthwhile way and, really, he’s kinda creepy when you think about what he says and does… that is literally watch over Wes and tells Picard to “groom” him. That means the Traveller could possibly be sitting invisibly watching over Wes randomly…

      This episode was clearly for giving the actors a break and budget saving so I don’t begrudge it that much.

      Crusher and La Forge got nice character development over the later seasons. even though Crusher’s is largely through her interactions with Picard and La Forge is largely through his relationship with Data. Troi is a blah character and only really notable due to Lwaxanna… Imagine if Troi had Lwaxanna’s personality. That would have been so much better imo.

  13. Dave Steph Taylor says:

    A respectable episode, just not one that really held any interest for me. The way it was filmed, I just was never concerned.

    Dr. Crusher is a great supporting character, but does not seem to do well on her own.

  14. Will Wright says:

    Home Video release Trivia:
    Since Dr. Bev was not pictured on the front cover of the original VHS/LD release, ( pictured below) this episode’s title makes it seem as if it’s the Traveler that’s asking Wesley if he remember’s him, because you know, he hasn’t been back for a visit since –
    “Episode VII: The Force Begins Where Not a Jedi Has Gone Before” way back in that dreaded little thing called
    “Season One: Please Make The Bad Man Stop.”

  15. Will Wright says:

    Star Trek Podcast Fan’s Personal Log, Supplemental : Being from the future, I predict that in about 100 podcast or so from now ( that’s 2 years on your timescale) as TNG is coming to an end – that Ken and John will not only be discussing that unknown, & as of yet never developed “Wesley and The Time Traveler” spin off series, John may even discuss ( in Trivia) some soon to be DS9 & Voyager Issues in the same podcast as well..
    Now – I’m secretly hoping that by giving them this much heads up – they might actually use my comments in that episode. ( see below). Maybe…? – sending a recording of these remarks along with additional thoughts to Ken, on one of those really low end see-through Memorex DBS110 Normal Bias cassettes he loves so much- ( produced by using an extremely large Vintage 1976 mono portable tape recorder no less) – six weeks in advance of that Podcast will assure me I’ll hear something just like -“Holy Cow- That guy Will actually predicted this moment would come to pass – and I’ll be damn if wasn’t right ! Mind=Blown!”

  16. Gary Bisaga says:

    I also loved the line “We’ve never needed a crew before.” Also “Worf? The big guy who never smiles?” This was the only episode of Trek that ever gave me nightmares.

  17. William says:

    This is my favourite of the next generation.

  18. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    So the warp bubble that forms around a person is based on whatever they were thinking about at the time, until it collapses in on them? And unless someone was thinking about something unusual they might not even be aware of it until they’re killed? Sounds like a powerful weapon, I’m sure Starfleet will be looking into it as an anti-Borg weapon- No? Never mind.

  19. Ro says:

    This episode has always been one of my favorites (yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh) because, to me, it’s about courage and change and the courage to change. Beverly is in a frightening, terrible situation that causes her to question her own sanity (to Deanna; I know Ken and John felt that wasn’t enough, but I do). Beverly realizes she can make things better if she leaps — into a vortex that terrifies her that everyone else says doesn’t exist. She literally has to jump into the unknown. That line, “If there’s nothing wrong with me, then there’s got to be something wrong with the universe.” I love that line because it teaches us to trust ourselves when things are crumbling around us. Beverly’s bravery should inspire people trapped in cults, abusive relationships, and other mind-effing “normals”-that-aren’t to take their own leaps into the unknown.

  20. John Anderton says:

    This could be top ten. Definitely freaks you out. McFadden can act. She doesn’t have to say her lines with same timber, tone and emphasis like usual. Yes, a bit too much eye rolling, but otherwise not bad at all. I whish I remembered more about this episode…