Once Upon a Planet


Saturday Morning Number Five

The animated series looks back to the original series. This week, John and Ken revisit Shore Leave in Once Upon a Planet. Then they say hello to one of the biggest crooks in the galaxy in Mudd’s Passion.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    Trivia: I don’t remember that turbolift being there on the TOS bridge and my oh my look at all them different shuttlecraft ! Just exactly where did they come from?

  2. nathankc says:

    Another comment regarding the cost savings / production value of the Animated Series – check out how often the characters (especially Kirk and McCoy) will speak with their hands over their mouth (as in thoughtful consideration) – it’s actually saving time and money by not needing to animate the mouth

  3. KatieN says:

    When the computers attain sentience, it appears Jon is going to be one of the hold-outs on their civil rights. Kidding!

    After the computer decided to not murder them, it just wanted a vacation. Transitioning to a sentient life form is really taxing, let him take one, I say.

    In “Mudd’s Passion” I was surprised that the show didn’t even touch the idea of why putting someone under a love spell would be wrong. You know, the whole “free will good, drugging people bad” of it all. It was all about whether or not the crystals worked and the morality of Mudd being a crook/thief/con man. I think it wouldn’t have hurt to have a final “ya see Timmy, roofie-ing people is wrong!”