The Time Trap


Saturday Morning Number Six

The crew of the Enterprise finds out that it’s wild to get small in The Terratin Incident. Then it’s Enterprise in the corner pocket as they follow a Klingon ship into The Time Trap.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    Once upon a time – you could order these :

  2. Chris C says:

    It’s interesting you bring up the can of worms that the transporter really does represent. I’ve heard people like Lawrence Krauss and Doug Drexler talk about this, that the transporter really is the most magic device on Trek. If you really could control energy & matter in these ways, violating Heisenberg uncertainty at will, performing alchemy (e.g. replicators), then there are a whole range of problems we see our crews face which would never be problems for them at all. As much as there is to enjoy entertainment-wise about episodes like “Enemy Within,” I’ve always felt my suspension of disbelief being strained past the breaking point in these kinds of episodes. What is it in the data representing the positions and momentum of our fundamental particles that forms a neat dividing line between passive and aggressive personality traits?? How does a transporter accidentally turn us back into children in TNG? At least in the Terratin Incident, the problem is one of compactness throughout the body, so it’s conceivably within the transporter’s capability to just increase the spacing across the board. I tend to prefer it when they just let the transporter do it’s job of saving money on shuttlecraft sequences, and don’t talk about it too much.

  3. KatieN says:

    I think the terrorism thing might not apply correctly. While what they are doing is scary and dangerous, they are not actually using fear or violence as a tool (excuse my technicality but I studied terrorism in college). It’s just a risky communication technique. If the crew knew about the people on the planet but wouldn’t help them THEN the mini-humans shrunk the crew in order to force Kirk’s hand, that would be terrorism. In my opinion, this episode is a classic drowning man scenario.

    I think this message is more about what lengths people will go to when they are desperately calling out for help. There is no dignity in a dying man’s pleas.