Star Trek IV


Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Saving Spock was relatively simple. How will the crew of the stolen Klingon vessel save the whales when the whales have been dead for over 200 years? Find out as Kirk and crew blast off from Vulcan for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    November 26, 1986 –

    Movie Program Promo Ad

  2. Will Wright says:

    An Alternative Opening with Kirk’s dialog/ voice over re-cap used on foreign DVD release !

  3. James W. Maertens says:

    I always liked this movie and its humor. It reminded me of Time After Time, not surprisingly. That question of “saving the whales” is kind of undermined by the fact that bringing two or three whales into the 23rd century might get rid of the big black cylinder by it would not provide a gene pool big enough to actually restore the humpbacks. It also bugs me that the whale spaceship just turns around and leaves. What was the point of their mission? As so often, no one seems the least bit interested in knowing more about this ship and its crew, who we presume are whales. I’m not sure what they could do, since they seem unable to communicate in humpback language, but a little scientific curiosity now and then might be nice from people supposedly exploring space and seeking out new life and new civilizations.

  4. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Things I remember from this:
    *The opening, dedicating the movie to the crew of the Challenger. People in the audience applauded.
    *The sheer contrivance of having an alien probe appear literally out of nowhere and affecting a secnario whereby Kirk could save the Earth and mitigate the charges against him and his buddies.
    *The short and unceremonious shrift that Saavik, one of my favourite new characters, got. That we never saw her again was criminal.
    *Spock neck-pinching a punk just for minding his own business, playing his music.
    *The time travel sequence, which looked like something out of 60s Russian science fiction
    *The whales are the unluckiest cetaceans in the seas. Not a few hours after being dropped in Alaskan waters, and they’re alerady being targeted by what was probably the only Finnish whalers in the Pacific.
    *My fears that the final conversation between the Probe and the whales went something like:
    Probe: Hey guys, what happened?
    George: Humans wiped us all out.
    Probe: What, seriously?
    Gracie: Yeah, they’re mostly selfish, genocidal types. We went crazy from all their noise pollution, choked on the plastic they dumped in our homes, that is when we weren’t being hunted and starved out.
    Probe: Creeps. Shall I wipe them out?

  5. regeekery - JD says:

    I cannot even imagine this movie with a crazy science teacher Eddie Murphy instead of hippie doctor 7th Heaven mom.

  6. John Anderton says:

    Now, middle aged and tired, what more is left but to meet our favorite characters for coffee in San Francisco, telling jokes and laughing at the world outside? The most enjoyable of them all.

  7. Will Wright says:

    80’s Home Video Release Trivia: “The Directors Series” contained Only Two other Paramount Titles. Do you know what they were?

  8. KatieN says:

    This was a really fun movie. Not too deep, I agree, but definitely the movie I’ll return to next time I’m sick in bed or having a bad day. I laughed out loud a lot. Kirk was a bit extra but I was thoroughly entertained.

    Interesting what you said about Spock being different. Kind of reminds me of PTSD. If this was a contemporary TV show, they would probably do an episode examining how this “trauma” would effect Spock’s personality and his relationship dynamics.