The Arsenal of Freedom

In search of a missing ship, the Enterprise arrives at a dead planet filled with live ammunition. The automated sales system would like to give them a demo, which they get – ready or not. See Geordi LaForge take command! See Lieutenant Riker trapped in a stasis field! See Picard and Crusher fall in a hole. Three levels of action await in The Arsenal of Freedom!

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  1. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    They never did explain why the Echo Papa 607 system continued to attack the Enterprise after Picard agreed to purchase the system. Maybe it saw the returning Enterprise sans saucer section as a different vessel entirely?

    Now I wonder as well what happens to the planet. WIll it be kept under Federation watch, preventing the likes of the Ferengi from looting it at best, or having Starfleet exploit it at worst (or vice versa)? Are there Minosians offworld who get the keep the planet and all its resources?

    Could someone have sabotaged the Echo Papa 607 to do that very thing?

  2. KatieN says:

    Maybe the message is more subtle because “war is bad” is a less revolutionary concept.

    Vietnam is known for being the first war where Americans could actually see footage of the war while it was going on (disregarding grainy propaganda reels of previous wars). The allusion of war being “heroic” or even a necessary evil was absolutely shattered for most of a generation. Retrospectively, blanket statements like “war bad, peace good” are considered counter-culture for the late 60’s.

    In the 80’s, the idea that violence and war are bad was a more mainstream notion. It wasn’t the given that it is today, but it certainly didn’t need to be dramatically driven home like they did on TOS.

    But I agree with Jon. Though subtlety can be very effective, I love a good Kirk speech.