The Enterprise comes across two races: one suffering from a plague and another with the medicine to keep the plague at bay. But it does not take long to realize this is not a sick person/healer relationship. It is a pusher/addict relationship. Can Captain Picard fix the situation? And will the prime directive let him? Find out when we put Symbiosis in the Mission Log.

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  1. deaddropsd says:

    what?!!? no comments on how this had 2 actors from The Wrath Of Khan??…I will have to listen to this podcast..so many to catch up on…hahaha, good stuff for long work shift!!

  2. Michael Poole says:

    Just found this podcast…. I would add “Drugs” by Talking Heads, on the album Fear Of Music. It’s trippy AND creepy, perfect after a big ‘ol hit of felicium!

  3. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    I agree with the podcast’s assessment, in that the whole issue of drug addiction/abuse, with the resultant Afterschool Special dialogue, was a misdirection. The Ornarans never used the felicium recreationally, they genuinely believed it was keeping them alive. It would have been more appropriate to focus on the exploitation of pharmaceutical industries on a population – but that might be hitting too close to home for some folk.

    Certainly guest star Merritt Butrick would have understood that. As you pointed out in the podcast, he had died of AIDS less than a year after filming this episode, and he had been offered the role to help him out as he couldn’t afford health insurance.