The Battle


The Battle

This episode marks the return of the Ferengi, both to TNG and to the life of Jean Luc Picard. It turns out his first time meeting the Ferengi was long before The Last Outpost. And now, he is forced to remember it and relive it, with potentially deadly results. How will they escape? Find out when we put The Battle in the Mission Log.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    They re-used the Enterprise bridge set from the film series here :

  2. nikkolya says:

    I got the impression that the Ferengi had made (minimal) repairs to the Stargazer to make it “seaworthy” again. After all, at some point Daimon Bok had managed to set up the computer to respond to all of Picard’s statements/orders as the original crew did which doesn’t seem like something an older ship would be capable of (I seem to remember Kirk once saying that a certain number of crew members was required to perform normal ship functions and non-canon sources put Stargazer’s construction beginning in 2276) so I don’t see this as a real mistake on the show’s part.

  3. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    It was an interesting expansion of the Ferengi mythos, adding nuance to their one-dimensional characters (in for instance, considering revenge undesirable, albeit for its unprofitability). Though if DaiMon Bok did access the Stargazer’s logs, he would have known that his son *did* attack them without provocation, so really got what he deserved.
    Try telling that to a grieving and vengeful father, though…

  4. Paul Walker says:

    This is better than the “greatest generation” podcast. Thanks for taking it seriously.