Hide and Q


Hide and Q

Will there ever be another Q? Yes. And for at least a little while, his name is William Riker. Riker is given the powers of the Q so the Q he knows can better study humanity. Or maybe he is just doing it for fun. Everything is a game to him. This week, the game is Hide and Q.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    This episode was one of the 4 released with this VHS/Laserdisc Box set

  2. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    I hated the show, and pretty much everything about it. That bit at the end about humanity being more complex than space and time made me retch.
    And bits where deLancie as Q said things like, “Games? Did someone say games?” made me think that he was channeling William Campbell as Trelane.

  3. Mikael says:

    The recurring debate spawned by the scene of receiving the gifts vs the price paid feels one-sided in this ep. Ken states that both sides understand but don’t agree with the other. It feels more like Ken is willfully not understanding and just jumping to disagreeing. He’s going to the emotional aspect of the debate and not the logical. The characters in Trek are showing that the emotion of it is not enough without the logical thoughtful side of the consequences. It’s not that Georgi doesn’t want eyes or Data doesn’t want to be human – it’s as Gene said – the exploration/journey of how you get there EARNS the end result of actually getting there. Not by being pawns in a game. You can’t discount where the “gift” is coming from. Not in this ep – or in others. If you do, you are basically sacrificing free will and identity and self worth and you might as well be sheep grazing in a meadow.

  4. KatieN says:

    I agree with the crew’s decision not to take the gifts, including Geordi and Data. If I were on that bridge, there would be something painfully tantalizing that Reicher would offer to “fix” about me, but I would say no. Even though my life would be significantly better.

    But to alter yourself so fundamentally at the snap of a finger is messed up. Humans are not meant to (and not mentally equipped to) change that dramatically that quickly. He expects them to jump into a life-changing scenario without thought or care. It would be instinct to say “hold on a minute!”

    They’re in a battle of will with Q. They’re trying to save Reicher from whatever god-ego tidal wave he’s trying to fight against. They are dealing with power that they don’t understand and Reicher is already losing his grip. I don’t know where Ken got the idea that these gifts are “no strings attached” because it seems rather precarious to me. In a way, the crew are using their heads to navigate a really personally dramatic situation and that’s pretty amazing.

    And if aliens came down and offered me free stuff I’d absolutely look that gift horse in the mouth. There could be Trojan soldiers hiding in there.