The Galileo Seven


The Galileo Seven

After well over a decade in Starfleet Spock is given his first command. Spoiler alert: leading is about more than logic, as evidenced by the fate of β€œThe Galileo Seven.”

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  1. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Question: Is “The Galileo Seven” so named because of the shuttle (as the picture suggests), or because of the seven characters that were onboard for the episode, or both? I’m asking for a nerd friend πŸ™‚

  2. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Just finished your podcast on this episode – funny and provocative. I wondered too why they made such a big deal about Spock’s “first” command; in all his years of service with Starfleet, under Pike as well as Kirk, he wasn’t left in command of the Enterprise? Or is McCoy seeing the Galileo as a separate vessel that Spock is technically in command, however temporarily?
    And you guys were way too harsh on Ferris. If my family was in danger of the plague on New Paris, I wouldn’t want them endangered further because Kirk delayed trying to rescue crewmen who presumably have sworn to give up their lives in the performance of their duties to save Federation civilians πŸ™‚

  3. Stephen Boro says:

    Just discovered your podcast and am listening in order! Enjoying it tremendously. Granted that less than 20 episodes in, and the ptb are still finding their way in their ‘uiverse building’… you make no mention of any prime directive issues in dealing with the tool-using native species of the planet. Is this a first contact situation, too? This criticism evaporates if the ‘big things’ kill by tearing limb from limb, without using tools…

    I am looking forward to catching up, thanks!

    • Hi Stephen – very glad that you’ve found us. Welcome! Since we do our show with the pretense of watching everything in order and only going with the information we’ve been given, there wasn’t a Prime Directive yet to really be discussed (that didn’t come until later with “Return of the Archons”). But in any case, maybe self-preservation trumps the need to maintain the formality of the PD in some situations like that.

  4. Canadian liberal says:

    One question, two “corrections”:
    1) The planet is not TARSUS 2 (or II), but TAURUS (as on the Ford com pact) 2 (II). Tarsus is where Kodos reigned.
    b) Ferris’ title (and am I the only one who thinks of Frank Burns when I see him? Ferret Face/Ferris? No?) is Galactic High COMMISSIONER, not COMMANDER as you erroneously said. (I am SO upset I’m three or four years later to this party!!!)

    The question:
    HAD the crew completely survived, how would the Enterprise have beamed up seven people when they only have six transporters?