The Squire of Gothos


The Squire of Gothos

The crew of the Enterprise endures forced hospitality on an inhospitable planet. Is their host a military genius, a god, or a five-year-old? Find out as we put “The Squire of Gothos” in the Mission Log.

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  1. jayoungr . says:

    Proposed message: “Only a very childish person would glorify war.”

  2. Will Wright says:

    Found Memo :

    • What a great letter! Too bad we didn’t see mor of Campbell as the Squire!

      • Stacy Forsythe says:

        Holy crap, that was the Star Trek letterhead? I love it!

      • Stacy Forsythe says:

        Also, when they had Campbell back to play Koloth in DS9 and Voyager, they should totally have gotten him to film a scene out of makeup as an elder member of the Q Continuum, too.)

  3. mjh1984 says:

    This week: Medieval Liberace in space is a young Q!

  4. Manny Martines says:

    Here is a recurrent theme in Gothos/Adonis/Cat’s Paw: The aliens underestimate the crew because they expect the crew to be as we were in the past. By doing this, the aliens demonstrate how we used to be. Trelaine assumes we glorify war and marginalize women and cultures. Apollo assumes that we worship power. The Catspaw aliens assume the crew is superstitious. The crew says: “We put that behind us.” So, is the message: We’re doing better than in the past. We will do better in the future. We must do better to go forward and cope with the future.