The Neutral Zone

The end of season one of TNG is a blast from the past. Actually it is a few blasts. Three people from the 20th century end up on the Enterprise. Plus – say hello to our new old bad guys – the Romulans! What messages do they bring as we head into season two? We’re back… to tell you as we put The Neutral Zone in the Mission Log.

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  1. VaguelyInappropriateLibrarian says:

    RE: Data’s Starfleet Academy graduation date, could it be that he’s remembering a fragment from the life of a colonist killed by the Crystalline Entity, rather than his own experience? Obviously that wasn’t the original intention, but it sort of works, in an old-timey Marvel Comics “No-Prize” sort of way.

  2. Will Wright says:

    Ad for the Season One Blu-ray Edition

  3. jeremycathey says:

    Working my way up. Why is the Romulans appearance a secret. The Enterprise raced to the neutral zone to deal with them a couple of episodes back. We did not see them but the crew did.

  4. gizmochimp says:

    I love how Offenhouse can not only very easily get onto the bridge, but the guy escorting him out just completely stops so they can both watch the view screen. How is Picard not like “Didn’t I just tell you to get this guy off my bridge?!?” Security fail.

  5. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    At last, the episode that gave me my avatar name! LOL

    The whole attitude of the crew to the people of the past was incongruous with their usual positive attitudes towards history – or is just the late 20th/early 21st Century that they find execrable? Or the fact that, as opposed to subject in books or holodeck programs, suddenly they’re alive and among us? Maybe they follow the philosophy of Douglas Adams: “Earthmen are not proud of their ancestors, and never invite them round to dinner.”

    And wasn’t there anyone onboard who might be interested in speaking with them? What about that historian from the Big Goodbye, Whelan? Just keep the guns away from him…

    It could have been better, had the writer’s strike not kept them from working on the script. I’d love to have seen the cast try and improvise the story based on how they felt their characters would have acted. That would be an interesting experiment. Or a trainwreck (shuttlewreck?)

  6. Ro says:

    I know Ken thinks Claire is a “horrible person” who is unkind to her husband’s memory. Please allow me to speak on her behalf. Claire’s husband is a coward who chose to hurt his wife to protect himself. She says she knows he couldn’t bear the thought of her being dead. So, extrapolate — to ease his own mourning for one person, he chooses to force that one person to mourn ALL THE PEOPLE. Claire didn’t ask to be frozen (refrigerated). Now, she mourns for her husband, children, friends, extended family, etc. Her husband was cruel, unwittingly or not. Claire had to deal with that knowledge.

  7. Bob Little says:

    L.Q. Sonny Clemens wanted something to start him up in the morning and unwind him in the evening but Dr. Crusher said no.
    In TOS you have referred to Dr. McCoy as “Pusher McCoy”,
    my question is, if the 1701 found them would McCoy have given L.Q. the drugs?