Rod Roddenberry


The One with Rod Roddenberry

Rod Roddenberry joins John and Ken to talk his history with Star Trek, thoughts on his father and creating the Mission Log podcast. Plus: Hypnosis or Mind Meld? A listener wants to know!

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  1. M Oja says:

    If Rod likes the idea of uncomfortable relationships because one person is much older than they look, check out Fledgling by Octavia Butler. It’s also a vampiric, supernatural story (like Interview with a Vampire), but the protagonist is the little girl vampire. It’s definitely uncomfortable!

  2. M Oja says:

    Ooh, also about the shuttle craft problem… Later Trek shows that the Enterprise can actually land on planets. It’s just a big hassle. But, for the life of Sulu and some red shirts? It seems like a good reason to land the whole dang ship.