The One With Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J. Sawyer joins John and Ken to talk why Star Trek matters to him, his thoughts on “Balance of Terror,” and the job of Science Fiction. Plus: Listener feedback and thoughts on the Science Lab Christmas party.

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  1. Scott Newland says:

    Excellent discussion! And thank you, Ken, for introducing me to Mr. Sawyer’s work. I’ve since read Mindscan and Flashforward and look forward to reading other titles in the future!

  2. Jason Williams says:

    I just listened to this (this podcast is quite terrific btw) and I wanted to comment on the religious “agenda” of Star Trek.

    I am a Christian man and I lead my family in prayer at dinner and at bedtime every night. I subscribe firmly to the belief that everyone on this planet is uniquely placed here for a specific purpose by my God, saved through the mercy of Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit.

    However, Star Trek has always just naturally had a very atheist or at least agnostic bent to it – I don’t think this has anything to do with the hosts of the podcast. And I don’t mind. What Star Trek believes about the human spirit through technology and progress is largely analagous to the goals of Christianity – that everyone would live in peace, loving and helping your neighbor as yourself.

    The obvious (and unforgiveable, unfortunately) difference is that Christianity requires that those things come through the love of God while Star Trek supposes those things will come through the love of fellow man / intelligent life.

    But I don’t consider the “atheist agenda” of the program or its commentary to be a personal affront to my beliefs.

    Sorry for the long and rambling response.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Greatly appreciated, Jason. While Ken and I have our own personal beliefs, it has always been our intention to first and foremost parse what Star Trek has to say and then bat those ideas around. We are grateful that people from all walks can appreciate the messages therein – even if they are challenging. Glad you have been enjoying the show!