The Orville


The Orville “Blood of Patriots”

The Planetary Union enjoys a cease-fire with the Krill, on their way to a peace accord. An escaped prisoner, accused of destroying Krill ships, threatens to destroy any chance of peace unless he’s handed back into custody. “Blood of Patriots” goes into the Mission Log.

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  1. Ryan Peterson says:

    In response to the question of “Why Planet of the Apes?” I think it’s either just because it’s a cultural touchstone and Seth is unable to avoid including cultural touchstones and nostalgia, or it’s a very subtle and maybe tenuous parallel or mirror of the story.

    There are two reasons I can think as to why that movie, and both are much weaker than has been typical for this show:
    * First, the scene that Gordon is showing is the scene where Taylor finds out that the planet he thought was an alien planet the whole time is actually earth. He’s showing this to a person who he’s thinking the whole time is human, but turns out not to be human at all.
    * Or it could be to draw a parallel between Orrin’s suffering and Taylor’s suffering. Again, this is a subtle thing, but in the second movie, “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” Taylor is the one to trigger the omega device, destroying the planet. (Actually, this was Charlton Heston’s idea as he didn’t want to be pulled in for interminable sequels.) It’s the ultimate scorched earth tactic from a guy that already started the first movie cynical and without much faith in humanity already. Orrin isn’t destroying humanity directly, but he’s taking an extreme approach of his own.

    Again, both of these are fairly tenuous.

  2. Thanks Ryan!

    I was scratching my head on this one and I appreciate that you put so much thought into your comment. The only thing that I could come up with was that “maybe” it was to preview that the end of the episode would include a similarly big reveal.

    Thanks for listening and commenting!