The Orville


The Orville “If the Stars Should Appear”

The crew encounter an ancient ship containing a civilization who believe they inhabit their own world. Quickly branded as heretics for not sharing the belief, Mercer and company work to prevent the derelict from being destroyed by a star.

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  1. Helen says:

    I enjoyed your review of the show but I’m extremely surprised that you did not bring up the similarities between this episode and the original series episode “So the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.” Episode premise is nearly identical.

    Also I meant to write to you last week about, “ About a Girl.” You spent your hour discussing how this show related to the LGBTQ movement and community and I’m presuming that that’s probably what Seth had in mind when he was writing it, however I think a more direct parallel could be made to the debate going on currently in the deaf community around the country. Deaf parents who have deaf children now have an option of providing them with a cochlear implant when they are very young. If they do so the children will grow up essentially as hearing people I will not truly be part of the deaf community that their parents know and love. It’s my understanding that this issue has torn many families with the decision about whether or not to do this surgery and provide their children with a cochlear implant or to allow them to grow up as they were born in the deaf community.


  2. Thanks Helen! I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast. While watching “If the Stars Should Appear,” I too was struck by the similarities to “For the World is Hollow…” I’m really not sure why the conversation never turned to that, possibly because there was so much packed into this Episode of The Orville.

    And thank you for your comment on the cochlear implant surgery. Jessica and I differed on where we landed on the meanings, morals and messages in “About a Girl.” I felt that the episode addressed the systemic silencing of female voices more than it addressed LQBTQ+ issues. Your insight about corrective surgery for hearing impaired Kiddos adds a whole new layer to the discussion. Thank again!!