The Orville


The Orville “Pria”

How nice to meet a charming ship captain, unless she happens to be intent on stealing the Orville and marooning the crew in the distant 29th century. Time travel, collectors, and wormholes, oh my, when “Pria” goes into the Mission Log.

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  1. richard shindle says:

    I enjoy your insight as a loyal fan of the original timeline of Star Trek and realy dispise the handling of trek after the Hobus disaster

    • Thanks Richard! Things are definitely different in the Kelvin Timeline, as well as the Prime Timeline Post Hobus. We were fortunate in Classic Trek (loosely defined as pre-2009) that the Captains and Crew were essentially ‘fully formed’ individuals. Sure there was character development in TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT, but the story telling techniques at the time were not nearly as serialized as they are now, and didn’t emphasize character growth over time. For example, Kirk embodied Star Fleet from the word go (at least in TOS, Harve Bennett Kirk is another story). I’d like to think that we’ll eventually see modern Trek characters mature into their roles and lead with trust, empathy, compassion and servant leadership.

  2. richard shindle says:

    Roddenberry values die in the JJ timline period.

  3. richard shindle says:

    RIP Norm MacDonnald {Yaphit)