The Outrageous Okona


The Outrageous Okona

The Enterprise encounters a freighter in distress. But Captain Okona is a captivating guy. All the guys want to know home while the ladies want to KNOW him. There is a problem though. Okona is being pursued by families from two planets in the system. Now it is up to Captain Picard to figure out what to do with Okona. Also, Data wants to learn to laugh or be funny or something. Join us as we put The Outrageous Okona in the Mission Log.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    Could you imagine TNG if they had cast Captain Outrageous as Riker?
    Anyhow- here is a pic of the cover art used for the Season 2 VHS/LD releases.

  2. Tegan Bigone says:

    This is the episode with hunk William Campbell that garnished for Star Trek a larger gay following, and had many straight guys questioning their own sexuality.

  3. deaddropsd says:

    Billy Campbell, Okona- another character they should have at least shown once more!!- I mean they gave Vash 2 episodes!!!?!?!?

  4. deaddropsd says:

    Oh geez, they gave Vash 3 episodes! one in DS9 as well..sigh….

  5. deaddropsd says:

    I always find it hilarious when a sci fi episode/movie has at it’s core problem…an unwanted/surprise pregnancy….”Skyline”, “Prometheus”, “The Child”, “Excalibur”, “The Walking Dead” “Star Wars :Revenge of the Sith”, Deep Space Nine- final arc Sisko/Yates, it’s a key part of life to be sure, but it is funny to think of how far and advanced some premises are supposed to be and this is still gonna happen…”Life finds a way…” -Jurassic Park/World..hahaha

  6. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    I can’t believe that one of Star Trek’s best stories gets so maligned by everyone. Here we have an episode where we’re introduced to not only an intriguing and laudable solo character who offers our crew a novel view of life and living, but a pair of alien cultures rich in history and tradition, ones who offer us an intriguing social dilemma that will have us arguing for years afterwards. Not to mention a B-plot further exploring an important part of Data’s quest for humanity, helped by Joe Piscopo, one of his generation’s most talented and revered comedians.

    See, Data? THAT’S how you tell a joke.

  7. Jordan says:

    So there’s this moment in the ep. where Worf goes down to get Okona, who is in a lady’s quarters getting down. Okona walks right up to Worf and stares him down for a few moments. Then Worf says, “I’d like that…but I have my orders.” Maybe that was supposed to be a challenge to fight, but to me it totally reads as Worf saying that under other circumstances, he totally would have been dtf. Thoughts?

  8. KatieN says:

    It cracks me up that no matter how progressive Star Trek pretends to be about sex, it is always presented in a weirdly confrontational/problematic way. Picard is chill about his lady crew members getting it on with Okona but he shouldn’t be. Not because they don’t have the right to let off some steam but rather because any man or woman in the Star Trek universe turns into an incompetent, verging-on-insubordinate caveperson when it comes to sex.

    I think you guys were a bit harsh. I thought this episode was fun and funny and we got some good examination of data (without having to see him berated). Love this episode.