Loud as a Whisper


Loud as a Whisper

The Enterprise is taking the negotiator Riva to Solais V to negotiate an end to their 15-century civil war. Things are going great until someone kills the chorus. So what? Just a little less music? No – Riva is deaf. His chorus hears and speaks for him. All appears lost, and Solais V looks doomed to end its days in bloody conflict. But come on! This is Star Trek! Things will probably be okay when we put Loud as a Whisper in the Mission Log.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    Another season 2 cast photo

  2. deaddropsd says:

    over the years I have always wondered what became of certain guest stars…I will browse and post… here is Riva /Howie Seago…

  3. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    An interesting and informative podcast, gentlemen, my thanks once again.
    My understanding about Worf’s strange reaction to Riva was that the negotiator had unexpectedly influenced the Klingons, made them sit down and somehow consider peace, something that should have been unspeakable to them. And it was almost like they weren’t sure if they had been tricked into it or not. Like maybe it was even… witchcraft!
    Or maybe it was just a bad false attempt at drama.
    The business with Pulaski offering Geordi a chance at normal eyesight (something that Levar Burton was pushing for so he could take advantage of his expressive eyes in his acting) got me wondering how long he had the VISOR – did he have it as a child? And if Pulaski had offered his parents the operation, would he have taken it, or if not his parents over his wishes?
    It was fascinating to hear Mr Seago’s story about schools forcing deaf pupils to speak rather than use sign language. I really hope that this is no longer the case.