Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? Could be, but a new crew member leaves a void where once there were two. This week, Mission Log meets Tuvix.

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  1. Pete says:

    One of the finest episodes of Star Trek of all time. Poses some interesting questions and raises some good points.

    • Thank you, Pete! This was a great one to sink our teeth into.

      • Pete says:

        As I have mentioned in previous correspondence I’m not that familiar with Voyager but I do remember this one as a stand out episode. It does present a difficult ethical dilemma & it would be interesting to see how other Captains dealt with it. Always one I look out for and each time my feelings on the resolution are conflicted.

  2. Joy Stahl says:

    Now that you have covered Tuvix, I can discuss something that “pulls me out” on every following episode of the series. Interaction between Neelux and Tuvok in which there is no acknowledgment of their prior shared consciousness. Every time Neelix calls Tuvok “Mister Vulcan”, it bugs me. Every time they misunderstand each other, have conflict, or interact like strangers, I tell my TV screen that those two characters used to be merged & the current situation makes no sense in light of that. Yes, I know, episodic television. Yes, I know, scripts already in development. But on a show famous for “show bible”, I expected the writers room to take such an important event into consideration for character development. I’m like The Princess and the Pea with this; no amount of mattresses can cushion me from the minor irritation of each instance on every rewatch. However, I’ve never taken the time to document time codes. I grumble about being pulled out of the episode, then continue to enjoy the series. I’ll be interested to see if mentions of those moments that could have been so much better make the podcast in future episodes.

    • John says:

      Joy, you are absolutely right. Of the many missed opportunities to at least reference a profound, character-changing experience, this one should have been front and center. Even for writers coming to the series after the fact, it seems like the merging of Nellie and Tuvok for THREE MONTHS would be on the table as something to reference.

  3. Kristin says:

    “Riddles” was actually the follow-up episode to this in a strange way, but it would have been nice for them to talk about it in that episode.

    “Children of Time” explored this dilemma in spirit, except the crew decided to repeat the disaster, only for the alternate future Odo to impulsively reverse that decision out of love for Kira. Also, “Time’s Orphan” explored this dilemma too. “Tuvix” is entirely different than “The Enemy Within.” Next Generation really didn’t deal with this dilemma. I’m not sure about the other shows, although “Lower Decks” would definitely have its own take (what if someone fused Mariner and Boimler?)