Supplemental 34 – The One at San Diego Comic Con

It’s convention season, and with John and Ken on the road we bring you the fun from the stage. This week: “live” from San Diego Comic Con 2017, host Larry “Dr. Trek” Nemecek covers the state of Trek podcasting with special guests Dr. Kayla Iacovino (The Shuttle Pod,, Aaron Harvey (Saturday Morning Trek, Trek.FM), Lisa Guetzkow (TrekRadio) and our own John Champion. Go behind the scenes, learn about some new shows and wait for the announcement of a brand new collaboration on the Roddenberry Podcast Network!

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  1. Durakken says:

    Notice that the person who says that “Alt-right” are always so negative is saying this to stereotype and bash people which is negative and the example of this “negativity” is something that is a complete lie. No one cares that the new Doctor Who is female. They care that she is a dogmatic ideolog and the writers are pushing agendas and politics in a place where they really shouldn’t be doing that and that are counter to the character. And even worse, if what every person thinks is going to happen does happen then it will yet again show all the groups these people are trying to show in a good light supposedly in a bad light. The narrative that anyone even made even that much an issue is just a blatant lie. What happened was they announced it, no one reacted, bloggers and “journalists” published articles saying that people were saying that the doctor should be a woman, and then the people they were saying said that, some who had stopped watching the show because the writing has been garbage for all of Copaldi’s run (unfortunately they wasted him as an actor), or they didn’t actually care to watch the show to begin with said “No they don’t care and in fact it seems to fit that the properties of the character, but given how bad the show is currently due to ideological bad writers it will likely continue being terrible”

    And even if that wasn’t all true.. if you use the word “alt-right” seriously you pretty much don’t know what you’re talking about. Those who legit consider themselves alt-right are such a small number of people it is very unlikely that you have even come across one. What people like the person talking here calls “alt-right” is just yet another word for “person I disagree with and has to be regard as an enemy and shouldn’t be listened to ever”

    Star Trek is supposedly about diversity of opinions, beliefs, ideas, etc and when I listen to this I hear no diversity which and when I hear “podcast from the feminist perspective which is needed” It’s laughable. You’re all feminists talking there and so if there is one perspective that doesn’t need it’s own individual podcast or promotion it’s a feminist perspective one and it definitely should be sitting up along side 2 podcast where when they’re described your describing the actual content and reason for their existence and then you have 1 with just “the feminist perspective” ok well. there are 4-6 people there all with the feminist perspective. If I’m listening to you guys I’m listen to someone talk the subject from the feminist perspective, which makes that podcast completely pointless. If you’re looking to follow in this idea of diversity then why are you not going out finding, and promoting marxist / anarchistic / AnCap / Libertarian / alt-right / right wing / jewish / christian / muslim / MRA / MGTOW / Buddhist / Shinto / Taoist / or any other number of ideologically driven Podcasts? You would if you actually followed the idea of diversity promoted by star trek and you would if you want to promote podcasts with perspectives that are “needed”. And there are thousands of podcasts so why wouldn’t there be at least on out there of those?

    I wasn’t going to even mention the whole “needed perspective” nonsense but I’m annoyed with someone blatantly lying in such a crap way and bring stuff that doesn’t need to be brought up in a place that isn’t supposed to be divisive and is supposed to be about fun so I might as well point out that bit too… And if you decide to reply and say something like “if you’re interested you can go find that” it’s not the point firstly, but i really don’t expect anyone to go look all those groups up which probably do exist somewhere if they haven’t already been ran out (which is what the group you’re promoting does btw) I, like most people, including all those peoples in the star trek series, think you should favor one group over another and even if you don’t intend to the best way to do that is to just not promote any ideology so there is no divisiveness and there is thought that it is ok to just trash certain groups of people which is ultimately what the one guy did and he did it because he felt like it was ok to say it because no one was going to challenge him on it, because you all seem to share the same ideology and that true of most ideologies that don’t have a built in challenging disposition…and even some of those fall prey to it.

    • deaddropsd says:

      As w many viewpoints, beliefs, perspectives, there is a spectrum… a scale. Left, right, black, white. Some can listen, others avoid or yell louder. I think empathy has limits. There’s a threshold , limit to be reached. Then some people start turning away or deaf/ignore. I feel bad for homeless people. I chip in my dinner leftovers, throw a buck or two at a bum. But, I can’t give money every single time. Some people get “offended” by “bum” or “illegal immigrant” etc… but sometimes I just don’t care. Even Star Trek has racist views towards Ferengi, “Cardies”. Sexist views on roles of Orion slave women, dabo girls…I think this forum is a great way to analyze one of our favorite shows from different angles from different backgrounds. We should try to be polite and avoid rude personal attacks and be grateful for the venue.

      • Durakken says:

        People shouldn’t go out of their way to be rude, but they shouldn’t “avoid” because that is most of the problem. This idea that it’s rude or offensive and therefor shouldn’t be allowed gets abused and people are censoring everything now… The issue I have with what was said is that I know that it is a completely made up lie specifically made up to disparage anyone who disagrees with SJWs and then the addition of “alt-right” added into what he was saying is a disparagement that only serves that purpose and this was right after, I think, John was saying a more accurate, fair, more articulate, and non-biased thing that was essentially about the same thing which is appreciated and shows even more so how much the other guy is in the wrong.

        • deaddropsd says:

          I hear ya… well I think some do go out of there way to be rude or stir the pot. Human nature, I guess. Conflict. Lol like DS9 S1 E1 “They are linear… adversarial…” or something like that. Others lack tact (rhymes! Lol) or a filter… either way, I think it’s just the human condition… modified w a “permanence” and wider exposure/reach that 21st century digital social media allows….

  2. CmdrR says:

    Happy 5th Birthday!

  3. Earl Green says:

    Oh man, the moment you mention Planet Of The Titans and The God Thing…man, I am *really* looking forward to Larry Nemecek’s podcast. He’s long overdue to conquer that medium. Even if the shows are in the neighborhood of 15-30 minutes, once you get Larry excited, he’s talking a mile a minute and you’ll probably get two hours of information out of the deal! The Trek Files is going to be great.

    As always, as a fellow caster of the occasional pod here and there, these “podcasting summit” episodes are very educational and I look forward to them; they save me a lot of trouble e-mailing you guys and saying “Hey, how did you make this work?” Anyone with any ambitions of starting or growing their own show…there’s really good advice herein. I think some folks are too quick to knock the supplementals because they’re not the expected “regular” episode.

    Tell everyone at STLV I said hi. (If anyone *doesn’t* say “who…?” let me know.)

  4. Aaron says:

    A little Con going music.

  5. rocketdave says:

    Wow, I’m surprised to realize Mission Log has being going for five years already. I guess I’ll have to wait another five years or more before I can express my dissatisfaction with the Voyager finale.

    Mission Log is pretty much the only Star Trek podcast I follow on a semi-consistent basis (and there are still more than a few episodes I need to get caught up on). Some of these other podcasts on the panel do sound interesting, but there’s only so much time one can devote to listening to podcasts- even someone like me with a lot of time on their hands.

    I share Larry Nemecek’s dismay with how negative some of the coverage of and fan reactions to Discovery have been before anybody’s seen a single episode. I’m sick of seeing videos in my YouTube recommendations with clickbaity titles gleefully predicting doom and gloom for Discovery. It’s like the person in the comments here who pretends to somehow know all about the 13th Doctor, despite the fact that Jodie Whittaker has yet to even speak a line of dialogue as the character on screen. I’m not responding directly to that guy because I know from trying it once how pointless it is. I don’t need the headache. It’s not hard to guess who at least one of the listeners accusing you guys of liberal bias might be, though.

    Complaining that there’s nobody to counter the panel’s feminist point of view is, in my humble opinion, like complaining that creationism isn’t being taught alongside evolution in public schools. I’m all for diversity, but my tolerance doesn’t extend to people with deeply flawed, backwards and frankly hateful mindsets.